The Last day of the Lilly sale………….NEW styles added!!!!

Jan 6, 2015




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Normally Lilly gives us a little more time to shop, but not this time!!! The sale ends today!!! It was so crazy at the beginning yesterday that some of you probably just gave up and didn’t shop 🙁 You know, it does look like with site crashing every single year they would get that fixed!!!
The good news is they added NEW styles, so maybe it’s a good thing you waited!! I know there is a lot more today that I want than there was yesterday!!!  
But anyways, there are still a ton of great items left. So I thought I would highlight a few of my favorites for you!
UPDATE: If your size is gone make sure you check out the Nordstrom Lilly Sale!!! They have them marked for the same prices, and you can return if the size doesn’t work!!!!!

This dress has always been one of my favorites, so imagine my surprise when I saw it was added this morning!! 

This one is back!!! You can not beat a shift for $59.00!!! 

The colors and the patterns in this one are perfection!! 

Still can’t believe they brought this to the sale!! Love this caftan! 

Stop it right now!!! This beloved dress is marked down to $69.00!! Would be perfect now with boots and later with sandals!! 

I was so excited to see this as part of the sale!! They were originally $198.00 and now they are marked down to $79.00!!!
This dress is absolutely stunning in person. I tried it on a few weeks ago and decided to wait for the sale. So happy I did!!!! It fits like a glove and is so flattering! 

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  1. The new items went so quickly I couldn't even check out. They sold out from under me. Ugh. Will keep checking. Thought I was getting the stuffed shells Elsa. Boo hoo.


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