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Nov 19, 2012




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So recently I have really started loving a good blouse. Thanks for giving me another reason to shop Natalie 😉
Want to know one big reason I am loving them? Because they are not tight or clingy. 
Can I get an Amen since mama has quite the muffin top these days.
Plus they really dress up any pant that you have on including jeans.
Now for the good stuff. 
You know this mama likes a good deal, cause I am probably not dropping over $60.00 a top!
Get it Ann Taylor with you new fashionable clothing, so glad you guys stepped out of the granny gear.
So here are my new two favorites that I recently purchased.
Get this…… you get and extra 40% off  Sale tonight until midnight!!!!! Luckily for you both my tops are on sale. No code necessary  just pop it in your cart and the discount appears!
Here are a few more I will be grabbing up tonight before the sale ends.
( I would defiantly say size down in AT I wear a 4 in a blouse and XS in most of their tops).
ps made sure all my above favorites were already on sale for you too, your welcome 🙂
Happy Monday Ladies!

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  1. Love the blouses you bought! and love that you already rocked both of them this weekend. Major score. Im off to stalk the site!

  2. Melissa W. says:

    Natalie has been "making me" buy blouses too! I never thought I would wear one, but I love them now! My husband about spit out his beer the other night when I tried on my green DvW blouse for him. In other words, he immediately asked about the $$! I told him it was my early bday present :-). How could he say no! Ha!

    I am normally like you with not spending a fortune on a top. I usually wear something a hundred times and send to the Goodwill the next year. I will be sure to only wear my $$ shirts to special functions. Now off to the J Cew outlet this morning for some more "early bday presents!" My birthday is usually for two weeks :-))

  3. Christina says:

    You crack me up. I know I said this on instagram, but Natalie = Amanda and you = me. She got me into blouses too! The four of us need to get a few glasses of wine together soon. Notice I say few, as just "a glass" would NOT be enough.

  4. megan says:

    I want to get in on the glassES of wine, too! 🙂


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