The stocking were hung……

Dec 16, 2010




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 Please excuse my ghetto fabulous holders, I am holding out for some gold deer!! (anyone know who has them)?

And that is about as far as we got ha! No really this year we did not go all out on decorations. We did our usual garland on the outside, wreaths on the windows and doors, but the inside not to much! I am going through an identity crisis with my style, and could not decide between gold and white or our usual red, green, and white cutesy stuff. As much as I tried to love the Christmas tree with all of our hodgepodge of Hallmark ornaments and silly balls, I just could not! But since that is what we have that is what we did upstairs on our tree. But downstairs I got to do a little white and gold, and I love it!!! I figured it out WHITE is just my style!

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  1. Love the stockings!! I kind of want to order them too even though I have no mantel. The wreath looks great too. My head is pounding is yours??

  2. Your mantle is so beautiful! Love your stockings!

  3. Unknown says:

    Looks so lovely! We may have the exact same stockings 🙂 xoxo




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