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Dec 11, 2012




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So I am just going to start this off and throw it all on the table. Lately I have felt a little judged, and it got me thinking, do I put off the wrong impression of myself or my family?
I am not sure if I do or not, if I do, that is certainly not my intentions at all. 
So here we go………………..
Are we rich? No, not at all. 
Do I like nice things? Well of course I do, but it doesn’t mean I have to have them. I just like them, and sometime I just like to talk about them. Doesn’t not make or break my happiness.
Could I clean my own house? Yes, but I choose to save in other places because it’s something I feel like I need help with in my season of life. 
Do I drink a little too much wine sometimes? Well that may be questionable ha, but I defiantly do not have a problem. I am honestly just very social, and I have two kids enough said! Really contrary to what some may believe I only have wine one day/evening a week, and on the weekends if we have something going on. But hey isn’t that the glory of being over 21.
Can I be a little inappropriate at times? Why yes I can, sorry it’s just my personality.
Does my husband do all the work while I just chill? Not a chance, who do you think does the diaper changes, dresses, feeds, plays, and makes sure my babies are taken care of from 7:45 until 5:00 while my husband works daily…. your looking at her!
The point in this is I never want to come across to anyone as something that I am not. I just try to be real, and honestly whatever pops in my head is what I write. I love my life, my sweet family, and all my friends including you guys! So my hopes are that is how you look at me.
Now Happy Tuesday after all that deep shit!

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  1. jenny says:

    Caycee, I have been reading for a while now and never commented but felt I should because I have noticed some of the inappropriate things that have been said to you. I really enjoy reading your blog and appreciate your honesty and randomness 🙂 because its real life!!! Though you and I have different lives we do have similarites (I have a cleaning lady as well and would sacrafice almost anything to keep her LOL!!!) Differences are what make it fun to read to see a different opion on things or a different way of life. Anyway just wanted to give you a little encouragement :)!!!

  2. I am 48and I can honestly say.. I enjoy reading your Blog and natalie's and Julia's the most.. you girls seem to have it all..together..not just material, but you all strive to make the home your loving focal all take great care of yourselves, you love your families and you love to have fun..if that is the WRONG be it..I think y'all are just darling

  3. A Texas Gal says:

    I have never commented, but I wanted to say I love your blog. I love that you are honest and fun and just you. I think there are too many bloggers out there that pretend "everything is perfect" and all that junk – and I like your random party photos, your willingness to just be you. 🙂

  4. Rachael says:

    Caycee, I read you & Natalie's blog every morning. It's the first thing I do every morning and I look forward to it. I love your house and when I look at the pretty pictures it motivates me to get my butt in gear and make mine prettier! I also have a cleaning lady that comes a few times a month, and we are far from rich. It's something I budget that makes like easier. You don't have to justify anything. If your house was a hot mess, your kids were ugly and you wore sweats and tshirts all the time I sure wouldn't waste my time reading your blog. If someone has a problem with you, they can stop reading!

  5. Tess says:

    I am sad that you are feeling this way… much like the ladies that have already commented… I read you and your girl Natalies blog EVERY morning when I get into the office! Ya'll are real and that what I prefer. I have a couple other blogs I read and it almost like they are trying to prove how perfect they and their lives are… I have stopped reading a couple of them because of that. And thats one of the things I truly admire about you and Natalie– You can be real!!! Please don't let anyone get you down. And try to remember– Haters gonna hate!!! Ha 🙂

  6. Laura says:

    What's rich anyway? I'm sure many people in the world would consider both of us rich, but heck, it's all relative. I personally love your blog. I like reading about fun things. I also scrimp and save like crazy to have a cleaning lady right now (2 very young kids like you!) and to buy myself an occasional fashion treat. Keep up the good work and stop by sometime!!

  7. I love your blog and would never make an assumption of someone via their blog. I post things all the time I could never afford to buy. I mean a $900 pair of shoes? Yea right. But I dare to dream and love to share!!!


  8. eas says:

    i love your blog even more because you keep it real.

  9. Hi Caycee, This is Jennifer and I know I stepped out of line with you when I made a comment about your kids Christmas presents a few weeks ago. I am truly sorry and I want nothing to do with making you feel judged. Please Please forgive me! I read your bolg daily and I really enjoy it. Have a Merry Christmas and I pray that God continues to bless your family in all ways!

  10. KB says:

    This is why I stopped blogging. I felt that weekly posts on "what I bought, what I want" were becoming superficial. I even try and watch what I put on Facebook now about the activities we do or trips we take. Not everyone has the same blessings and I want to be respectful of that. I really wish the blogging community would take a little dose of humility and tame down the I wants and I bought posts.

  11. I love reading your blog–and you seem like a really sweet person…and being a Mom is the biggest job in the world! Readers need to learn their boundaries and realize that blogs are often your place to just relax for a few seconds and showcase things you like (not necessarily have).

  12. I am sad you feel judged . . . I love that you are "real" on your blog and i think you are a great mother, wife, friend and seem like a blast to have as a friend (wished we lived in the same state!)

  13. Unknown says:

    Hi Caycee!! I have never commented before either but after your post today I felt it was appropriate to take the time to tell you how much I love your blog. I choose to read your blog over the zillions of others on the internet every day because you ARE so relatable. You are refreshingly honest and funny and I really appreciate how candid you are. The content on your blog is up to you. However, personally I love your "what I want" posts because not only do you have a great sense of style, but who doesn't love to daydream? It's obvious how many readers you have that love your blog so please don't change a thing. Thanks for the many laughs and for inviting us all to Hang with the Hewitts daily. I am a Charleston mama too-hope to run into you someday!

  14. Nat says:

    LOVE your new blog look!! I have been reading for awhile and I have never gotten any of those impressions from you- you seem like a fun southern girl that I would totally be friends with and shop and drink wine with! Sometimes the bloggy world can be full of jealous judge-y people- try your best to ignore them!

  15. BKell83 says:

    Hello! I've never commented on your blog before either, but I felt compelled today to say thank you for letting the world into your- and your sweet family's- lives! You keep it so real on here compared to other blogs I read- workout and diet struggles, etc- and its refreshing!! Happy holidays!

  16. Ashley says:

    I love that you are inappropriate at times! That's what makes your blog so funny! We just hired a cleaning lady a few months ago and I had someone give me a little grief about it. I wanted to smack them and say "umm hello I'm pregnant with twins, if you think I'm gonna scrub toilets you must be crazy"
    Anyway don't change anything about what you put on your blog! I love it!

  17. Unknown says:

    I agree with the ladies above. Love your blog and read daily. I'm in Charleston too…and I know how it can be especially here to keep up with the Joneses. I'm jealous you get to stay home, but doesn't make me dislike you at all. You seem fun and cute!

  18. Julia Ryan says:

    Well first of all, you and I both are in the top 1% wealthiest demographic in the world and I'd like to bet that anyone reading your blog is too. Because they most likely live in America. And because they own a computer with internet and free time to read blogs. We live in air conditioned homes and have full refrigerators and pantries and our kids get medical care when they are sick. We are all rich by most of the world's standards. So people who try to make you feel bad because you drive a nicer car than they do or because you have help in certain aspects of your life need to re-examine their own life and why exactly they are feeling down on their own life. Surely it's not because you got a new Lily dress and they didn't.

    I find it really odd that people expect you to show them something pretty and new and then judge you for it because you have a blog. I don't get mad at the stranger parked next to me at Sams Club because they drive a nicer car then me yet they're buying in bulk like me when "clearly they don't need to". That would be crazy! And I'm pretty sure the people I encounter outside of my home who find me dressed in clean clothes with my hair and make-up done and clean well-dressed children to be any more fake than the ones who encounter us all a mess after we've hit the playground for two hours.

    It's your life and you're a positive and sweet and caring person and that is why people read your blog. We all have our own dirty laundry and rarely do we like to see someone else's. You clean up for company, right? That's what blogging is about. I have respect for my readers to show them the real me and so do you. That's why we LOVE you Caycee-mama!!!!


  19. Brandi says:

    Oh girl, don't let haters get you down!!!! I need to eat clean..I've been a pig lately!!!!

  20. Amen, sister!! Wish we could hang out bc we're so much alike. I had to read it twice, just to make sure that wasn't me writing it! Lol!! Well, except I drink wine EVERY night!

  21. Unknown says:

    Love your blog. It never crossed my mind that someone would judge you. You shouldn't change how you present yourself. It's a blog, if they don't like it they don't have to read it.

  22. Just a random blog lurker- first off, let me say that you have an adorable house, kids and family.

    I hate to think some random stranger's judgmental comments would make you think any justification for your blog content was necessary. You are a wife and a mom and an individual. I have to say that most people like nice things and why wouldn't they? Not everyone can afford everything they like but wealth is always relative. We still live in a capitalist country, and as a southern girl at heart, I will tell you that anything you want or actually own is fabulous and representative of what people can earn if they work hard and decide it is what they want.

    As for the wine, have a glass of Chardonnay for me!

    Coming from another stay at home mom who loves design, monogrammed items, smocked little girl outfits and a good time, I say be yourself because those who mind don't matter and those matter don't mind.




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