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Sep 2, 2010




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Halloween! I cant wait, Todd and I are throwing our annual Halloween Party this year and I have a feeling it going to be awesome 🙂
Putting my little man in all his Longalls, it will extra special to me this year knowing this is probably the last year snif snif!

Torey Burch Flats……. dear hubs can I please get all three of these??? Who cares if the only outing I get is to pick up Carson from MMO, at least my feet will look pretty 🙂

Football!!!!!! Not that I have ever actually watched a game, but boy I love the Touch Down Zone with all my favorite ladies! Can’t wait for next weekend!!

Do I really need to explain this one???

Last but not least Tyler Candles!!! I cant express to you guys how much I love to burn these in the fall and winter, my favorite by far is the Mulled Cider!! Bliss I tell you complete Bliss 🙂
So what are you looking forward to????

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  1. I just lit my first Tyler Candle. My dear friend gave it to me for my birthday and I am already loving it!!!

    It is vanilla rubarb =)

  2. All those things too! Love fall, especially after a HOT summer..

  3. love your list! i just ordered those longalls for Hudson, too! and i don't think i could add anything other than the actual temperature dropping below 70! 🙂 or even 80?

  4. Marshall says:

    I am really concerned about that Gamecock picture…I love tailgating and football too, but you did not need to put that picture up. Sad I am going to miss all y'all next weekend though.

    P.S. I started a blog too, not as great as yours but I am learning. it is

  5. Unknown says:

    Love all those!!


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