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Hello friends and happy Monday!!! 
We leave for Disney tomorrow as soon as the kids get out of school and I don’t have one thing packed yet!  I would normally be in panic mode right now, but thanks to Lexapro and the fact that this is our sixth trip with both kiddos, I have convinced myself that it’s no big deal 😉  
Since the weather is going to be warm during the day and cooler at night, I have a lot of new clothes for Carson and Taylor arriving at some point today from Amazon being that they both hit a major growth spurt recently.  A lot of you like for me to share what I’m packing for myself and the kids, so check back on my Amazon Page later today as I will be updating it with a new “Disney Packing” tab! 
// When it get cold I’m not the biggest fan of dressing up.  I like to feel warm and cozy, so this is more than likely what my date night outfits are going to look like for a while. 

Leaf Necklace // Jeans // Leopard Flats (only $24) 

// On Friday, I signed this little guy out of school early for an appointment with the eye doctor.  He’s had a small stye in his right eye that we can’t seem to get to go away completely so the eye doctor put him on an antibiotic and we are hoping it does the trick.  It doesn’t bother him and it’s not painful like the ones he’s had in the past, but I could still see it which was worrying me.  
Luckily, she said she wasn’t too worried, but if it doesn’t go away after using the antibiotics and the warm compress he may have to have an injection to remove it completely.  Fingers crossed he doesn’t have to do that, and hopefully, we can get this stye to go away on it’s own.
And I can’t get over how much older he looks with his braces on, I mean, where did my baby go!?! 
// I had quite a few dm messages about my outfit from Friday, so here are all the details. 
And speaking of Friday, I was in my pajamas by 6pm with a glass of red wine and my Housewives! The kids split time at my in-laws and my parents for the weekend while Todd had a guys night planned, so I had a super rare solo evening. 
And for those who asked about our stocking holders, you can find them here and they come in several different colors. 
// I saw this necklace online last week and I’m pretty sure I need it in my life.  It’s something I’ve said to Carson and Taylor since they were babies and I just love it! 
// And last, but not least, I found the best Lululemon Align leggings dupe ever!!!  They fit and the material feels exactly the same as Lululemon…and best part, these leggings are only $24!!! 

CRZ High Waist Yoga Pants // V-Neck Long Sleeve Tee // Cable Knit Vest  Beige Sneakers // Gray Wool Cap

For sizing reference, I’m usually a 4 in Lululemon and I ordered these in the size small.

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