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Jun 19, 2018




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Happy Tuesday, friends!
// This past Friday, Todd and I headed out early to go fishing and meet some friends afterwards for dinner on the island. Our fishing was cut short because it started to thunder and the sky started to get really dark. This picture really doesn’t do the sky justice, but it was so pretty with the sun trying to peek through the darkness of the clouds. 
What I wore to dinner. 

// This past Saturday was super hot so we decided to hit the pool to cool off! I am pretty sure I mentioned this recently, but Taylor is turning into such a daddy’s girl. When we go to the pool these days, Carson goes off to play with his buddies, which means Taylor finally gets her daddy all to herself. It makes my heart so happy to see these two playing and having fun together. 
Todd’s swim trunks are by Patagonia and there are several styles similar here. // Taylor’s Swimsuit
// While those two played I started this book (which you will see below), which I just finished last night! OMG…it was so good, y’all! 

// Saturday night’s dinner via Todd’s request. Since Sunday was Father’s Day, I told him I would make any meals he wanted all weekend. I made this creamy mushroom sauce and it was amazing on top of the steaks! And I seriously forgot how good a simple baked potato tastes!  
// I was sleepy all day yesterday, so I made myself get in the bed by 8pm. I picked up this book thinking I would only read a chapter or two being that I had only read about thirty pages prior to last night. Well…I got totally sucked in and apparently hit a second wind. I finished the last page at 1:30am, wiped away my happy tears, and quickly feel asleep. It was such a good book from the beginning to the end, and also one that you won’t be able to put down. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a good summer read. 

On Saturday morning, the kids and I put together a really cool scavenger hunt for Todd. He had to look in five different spots with clues, special notes, and small gifts to give him a hint. I already knew that he would probably have no idea what was waiting at the end and I was right…he was in total shock! I had a ball and tickets to a Braves game inside of this new glove. It took him a minute to put it all together, but when he did his face was priceless!  
Todd LOVES baseball! He also loves the Braves and hasn’t been to a game since he was in college, so I surprised him with tickets for next month. My neighbor helped me find some really great tickets right above the dugout, and added bonus, The Avett Brothers will be playing live after the game!! 
I was also able to book a hotel that is walking distance to the stadium. I have never been more excited to give a gift more than I was this one, and Todd mentioned at least 30 or more times that day that this was his best Father’s Day yet and the best gift he has received! Carson was in on the surprise and the scavenger hunt the entire time, so it made it even more special to watch his excitement for his daddy. 
And yes y’all, in all my excitement I wrote the wrong month on the ball (insert hand over face). But with a little whiteout it now looks as good as new with the correct date 😉 Honestly, I’m just glad I didn’t actually purchase the wrong tickets…ha! 
// Sunday was spent at one of Todd’s favorite places…the beach! It was a really good beach day. Here are a few photos I snapped while we were out there. 

These beach/sand toys that I blogged about here are awesome! Even Carson and I had fun with them! And you cannot beat the $17 price tag.

I loved watching these two play and have fun together. We usually bring friends to the beach, so it was nice to see that they still had a blast together even with their age difference. 

I received so many questions about this Wabooba water ball and ambidextrous glove after seeing Carson and Todd playing with them on my Instastories. It’s one of the coolest pool/beach toys I’ve ever seen, and these two both love it! 
Also, these swim trunks are very similar, and by the same brand as Carson’s…they are also on major sale!

My little free spirited girl just living her best life happy as can be while dancing on the beach.

Taylor’s Swimsuit (on sale for $8) // Taylor’s Cap

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