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May 17, 2022




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Caycee Hewitt


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 Happy Tuesday! 

// First off, I wanted thank you all so much for all of the sweet messages and medication recommendations for my anxiety and depression!  At the same time, it was hard reading that all of you struggle like myself.  I’m realizing that it’s much more common than we think, but it’s not something that gets talked about enough. 

I’ve been on my new medication (Celexa) for almost a full week now, and I don’t want to jinx anything, but I truly feel like a different person in the best way possible.  I have to say that no longer taking my sleep medication (I was taking Sonata nightly) has been a bit of a struggle, but I have slept much better the last two nights.  

I am hoping that it’s just going to take my body a little time to adjust to not having the sleep medication, but I am hoping to see a huge difference by eating healthier and cutting out the amount of wine I drink pretty daily.  I know in the past this is what has always worked for me so I’m hoping to have the same outcome this time around as well. 

// There are so many amazing sales going on right now….

GAP has the cutest stuff for women, baby girls, and toddlers, and I haven’t even checked out the boys stuff yet! But these are my favorites so far….

LOFT– is having 50% off all of their tops and accessories, and an additional 50% off of all sale items! And I am loving all the colors and prints for spring and summer!


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