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Apr 6, 2017




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Here I write about my passion for life, fashion, travel, interior design, health, and motherhood.

Caycee Hewitt


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// So, after about two weeks of being sick, I’m finally feeling back to my old self. Well, except for the fact that I still don’t have full appetite back. And for some reason, I can’t stomach the thought of coffee or wine?!? Hoping those last two clear up pretty soon, because coffee and wine are two of my favorites things 😉 
// During my nine days of being sick I did have a few moments where I felt better, andI ended up taking a trip to the beach to see some of my longtime girlfriends. I normally wouldn’t have made the trip not feeling 100%, but I haven’t seen all these girls in close to two years so I really wanted to go. And even though I ended up not feeling well the second day, it was still nice to see all of them, hear old stories, and share some laughs together. 
What I wore
One Shoulder Ruffle Top  (only $35) // Jeans (only $42) // Wedges

// On Tuesday, my little man had a baseball game. Carson is really into the the game this year, and he’s actually really good. He and Todd practice daily, so his hand/eye coordination is pretty awesome. He ended up hitting two doubles, and I wish so badly that I would have caught the second one on video. He crushed the ball into the outfield with the bases loaded in the last team when his team was losing 3 – 2. All of his teammates were yelling and cheering, and his face was so proud! They ended up winning 5 – 4.
// Earlier this week, Natalie sent me the sweetest card and two dozen tulips. Aren’t they gorgeous!? You see, what you may not know is that Natalie and I talk at least two times a day on the phone, and we never make it a week without seeing each other. That being said, being that I’ve been down and out these last two weeks, I’ve been missing my girl like crazy! So it meant the world to me getting her card and these flowers at my doorstep. 
// And since I was feeling better the last couple days, it meant that I was finally able to ditch the lounge clothes for some real ones. I’ve still got tow boxes of stuff here waiting for me to try on, but I did grab these two tops out and I love them both!! And they are both under $50! 
Off the Shoulder Bow Top // Jeans also similar and cheaper here
 Off the Shoulder Top //   Jeans also similar and cheaper here

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