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May 17, 2016




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// Last Thursday, we had our monthly girl’s supper club, and I look so forward to it every month. Natalie hosted last week, and as we all know, she can cook like nobody’s business.  Everything was AMAZING, so hopefully she will share the recipe at some point this week 😉  And excuse my dark photos, but we were too busy laughing and talking that when we finally sat down to eat, it was dark outside. 

I may or may not have gone back for seconds 😉 
LOVE these ladies so much. 
What I wore. 

// This past Saturday, Todd and I attended a really fun trunk show/party at Simply J Boutique.  And don’t worry, there were lots of guys there, so Todd wasn’t just standing around with a bunch of ladies and clothes all evening…haha!  It was a great night, and I loved getting to see all the new arrivals from Chloe Oliver and Betsy Pittard.  As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I absolutely love both of these brands. 

What I wore

This off the shoulder top that I wore last week on Instagram is also by Chloe Oliver.  It’s super soft and actually stays put on your shoulders! 

// Speaking of off the shoulder, this dress needs to be mine!!  Those stripes and those ruffles both have me swooning. 
// I think it’s safe to say the kids and I are both pretty happy about summer break starting next week! Can’t wait to start writing in my new Emily Ley planner and wear my new Lilly Pulitzer cover-up / dress. I can not tell you guys how much I use my Emily Ley planner now, so I knew I wanted another one when the new year came out!
And this Lilly Pulitzer cover-up is fully lined so I see myself  wearing it as a dress and a cover-up this summer! 
// On Sunday this past weekend, we drove out to DI and took one last peek at our empty lot!  I feel like things are starting feel so real now, and our entire family is getting so excited!  Todd loaded up our bicycles before we headed out, and we had such a great time cruising around the island.
 Todd and I were also really excited to show Carson how close his new school will be to our house, and how next year he will be able to ride his bike to school everyday.  I told him that I would be riding my bike with him for the first few months and I got some major side eye.  I guess the ‘I am too cool to be seen with my mama’ stage is already beginning.  Oh yeah, and we are all pretty pumped about the new pool and club house that will be less than a block away from our house!!
// We found out yesterday at our meeting with the builder that they are going to be able to run our fence all the way to the property line in the back!!  We weren’t sure that we were going to be able to, because of the protected wetlands behind us, but we got the thumbs up yesterday!!  And you can’t see the stake to the right of this photo, but our lot dips down and gets wide in the back.  It’s the main reason we wanted this lot so bad.  Being that Todd and I love hanging out in the backyard, we wanted to have some space to enjoy being outside! 

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  1. Chelsea says:

    Love the dinner party super cute Chelsea @

  2. I was JUST looking at that off-the-shoulder dress this morning! I have a Tuckernuck gift card that is burning a hole in my pocket, and that dress is one of the contenders for how to spend it!

  3. Alie says:

    OMG, could those be crab cakes at y'all's dinner?!! I love all those dresses. I'm totally into a little Southwestern flair right now. Your new area & lot looks super pretty. And y'all will have a lot of outdoor time! So nice!

  4. So excited for you and your new home, it's going to be amazing!!! Love that LP cover up x


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