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Aug 18, 2015




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// Thank you all so much for the sweet comments on Carson’s back to school picture yesterday!  We had a few tears, but he warmed right up, and ended up having a great first day!  Taylor and I both missed him like crazy though.  I wish I would have recorded her reaction when we picked him up from school.  Those two have become so close and it melts my heart watching them play together.  He told me last night before he went to bed that at the end of the day his teacher makes you give her a high five, handshake, or a hug.  I asked him (already knowing the answer), “Which did you do Carson?”  He looked at me with that ‘come on mom’ face and said, “I gave her a hug.”  My sweet, sweet boy, please stop growing so fast!! 
The Lilly Pulitzer sale is still in full swing, but it ends tonight!!  If you missed it, I updated here last night with quite a few new items they have added.  I feel like they do this every year to keep us coming back, and every year it works like a charm 🙂  I’ll keep checking in today as well, and I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated! 
Nordstrom added this one to their site yesterday and it’s now marked down to $58.80!! 
Saks and 6pm  are also participating in the markdowns so be sure to check them out as well!  I was able to grab quite a few things at Saks for Taylor, as they had more kids sizes left than Lilly! 

// Anthropologie just added tons of new markdowns and now you can save an additional 20% off of the sale price! Use the code SUNNYSKIES!
This Maxi Dress is one of my favorites! And I can’t believe it’s only $71.96
// These shoes are on their way to me in the blush pink and black!!  Are they not the most gorgeous pumps you have ever seen!!  Take that, Valentino…haha 😉 

// One of the very few vegetables I can get my kids to eat are green beans!!  They love them and will actually ask for seconds!  I’ve been dying to try these spicy ones!  Taylor loves spicy, but Carson, not so much.  I can’t decide if it would be worth it to make them?  I guess I could always make regular ones for them and do the spicy ones for Todd and I.  But goodness, I hate making two of anything separately at dinner time!  Can I see a show of hands that agree this is quite annoying?!? 🙂 
// Can we please talk about this before and after kitchen!?!?!  It seriously makes me think that the next house I want us to buy will be an older home we can re-do!! I mean holy crap, this is nuts!  I can’t even believe it’s the same kitchen!!!  What do you guys think…could my crazy ass handle a home renovation with two kids!?!?

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  1. How does the Anthro Maxi Run size wise? Thanks!

  2. caycee says:

    Hey Annie!! I think this runs on the big size! I am wearing the xs regular, and it was loose! If you are 5'2 or shorter I would go with the P

  3. Kalyn Denny says:

    Thanks for the shout-out for my green beans! You could try less spice in the recipe and people who want more could add Sriracha or something at the table.


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