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Feb 16, 2015




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Did you all have a lovely weekend? I know we sure did! Daddy surprised Taylor and I with beautiful tulips and Valentine’s cards. He sure knows how to make his Valentine’s feel special! 

The tulips looked so pretty sitting on Taylor’s dresser. I can still remember getting so excited as a little girl on Valentine’s, being that my daddy also made sure to have my mom and I something special as well. 

We celebrated a very special little man that just turned five!! I swear it feels like I was just watching him at his first birthday! I love this kid so much! 
It was so cold here on Sunday so we played a lot of board games! Do you guys remember the Game of Life? As a kid, it was one of me and my brother’s favorite games! So fun to play it again! 
Did you guys see my late post yesterday? So many fun spring clothes and all the ones I listed are under $100.00!! That being said with the mentioning of spring, are you guys wondering what really fun trip I am excited to tell y’all about?!? 
We are going on a DISNEY CRUISE!!!! I am beyond excited! We are leaving the day after the kids get out of school, and we are gong with some of our best friends, which just so happen to be the parents of Carson’s best buddies, too! We haven’t told the kids yet, and we have this great plan to surprise them the night before we leave 😉 I have heard so many great things about the Disney Cruise. If any of you have been I would love to hear what you guys loved/didn’t love and must-do’s! With this trip not too far away I’ve been on the hunt for a new swimsuit and some coverups! Here are a few of the front runners (the black bikini is actually on it’s way to me now). 
Vix Cover-up (on sale)

Also, you can’t forget the classic flip-flop! They are also in pink here, too:) 

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  1. I love the idea of sending daughters Valentines flowers – MC gave our girls roses this year and it was so special (even if they don't know what is going on yet!) I wish I was close to my Dad and he could have done the same… x

  2. LOVED the Life game. I didn't know it was still around. I also love the romper with the colorful trim. Can't wait until summer!

  3. Christina says:

    love the baja romper. my cousins and i play life all the time. it's a nice relief when i finally get married hahahah.

  4. What a sweet dad! My dad always did the same thing and sometimes he'd give us chocolate too 🙂 Love that Baja romper!

  5. Dina says:

    For all things Disney, you must read Dixie Delights Blog, she is the Disney/Cruises queen of info!

  6. Brad says:

    You will love the Disney cruise! I took my three kids (ages 6,4,1) over thanksgiving and they had the time of their lives. The loved the kids club and meeting all of the characters. The water slide on the boat and on castaway key was their favorite. Just be sure to sign up for all of the extras as soon as they open because things go fast! The customer service is second to none!

  7. Caroline says:

    What a fun weekend! And I'm in love with those suits and cover-ups!!! I hear the Disney cruises are fabulous for both children and parents!!! 🙂

  8. Andrea says:

    Hi Caycee, I am a new reader and I am really enjoying your blog!

    I just came across this post and saw you asked for some Disney Cruise advice. I did the 7 day western Caribbean on the Disney Fantasy and absolutely loved it!

    If I would give advice to someone I’d say the one thing I’d do differently would be to do my research before boarding on two main topics: the navigator and the ports.

    The navigator is the ship’s newspaper (I found a good link with samples of old ones here: ) and it arrives every night with an overwhelming amount of information! You try to read it all at night, but between kids, meals, pool, and fun it is hard to give it the time it needs, and sometimes the lights are off cause the kids are sleeping so you can't even read it.

    One example: they had a “learn to draw mickey/Donald” workshop. I did not see it in the schedule, I happen to pass by, went in and my family and I loved it!” to give you an idea of how big the newspaper is, they list about 5 or 6 parallel activities from about 8am to midnight every day! So imagine trying to read all that after a day of sun. do bring a highlighter as you need to map your day with it. Or a few colors if the family will divide.

    As for researching the ports: I think people tend to get off the ship just because they arrived, but they don’t sometimes know what will be awaiting and then end up losing time they could have spent onboard. For us, the costa maya port had mostly snorkeling/sailing/shopping mall/cheesy senor frogs with pool/ etc (you get the idea) and I would much rather had spent those hours in the water slide/princess greeting/movies/workshop than in costa maya. But that’s our family and how we work, we are Disney nerds, and also enjoy more of a city/ruins kind of port.

    As for my favorite things:
    – Dinner at the animator’s palate, where you draw characters and they come to life
    – The SPA and adult area, their coffees, massages, adult pool
    – Bibbidi bobbidi boutique for the girls
    – The shows, the Fantasy’s theatre is gorgeous, it’s so fun to get dressed up with the kiddos and watch musicals together
    – Castaway cay: they have a slide in the ocean where you can slide parallel to your kiddo! You swim in the ocean to get there for a moment but they give you life jackets. Do get there early as there is a line. Getting off the ship early on this port is key. Also on Castaway cay is the adults area. I highly recommend leaving the kiddos in the kid area and going to the adults beach. Yummy pina coladas, a turquoise ocean that is more like a pool, and quiet time. It’s like a mini 2 hour Caribbean honeymoon.
    – The kids club: my daughter was an only child back then and we did not go with friends, but I have a feeling if you're going with siblings and friends it will be a hit. my daughter did an egg experiment there and got a little badge and she still talks about it. the kids club also has a schedule in the navigator, and some activities are really cool.
    – The jogging area on the 4th or 5th floor, for some quiet workout time with an amazing view
    – The bottomless Jacuzzi- you can see the ocean!
    – The slide 

    If you need any more info -as you can tell I am a lover of Disney cruises- just let me know, I swear I don’t sell this stuff (well ok I’m trying to convince my family to go again, but that’s the only selling I do)

    Have fun!



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