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Nov 3, 2014




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Halloween was so fun this year! Both kids knew the drill and they were loving every second of it! Taylor was actually more interested in all the “spooky” decorations than the candy.
I was so happy my parents were able to drop by to see them all dressed up before heading back home.
I love this picture of the four of them 🙂 
Our neighborhood really is the best with holidays, it’s been so awesome watching all the kids grow together over the years.  Each Halloween these steps get a little more crowded. 
These four made out like bandits and even had to come home to empty their buckets before heading out for round two! 

Wowza, it was some kinda cold this weekend in Charleston you guys! I secretly wanted to stay snuggled up in big blankets and fuzzy slippers with large cups of coffee all weekend. Haha, not a chance 🙂 I did, however, convince myself that I need this jacket if I am going to be outdoors any this winter 😉 Hey, it’s on sale and you must admit it looks pretty cozy! 
On Saturday we had some friends/neighbors over for a little oyster roast and chili! My friend Sarah made the most amazing cornbread to go with the chili. I will have to get the recipe from her and share it with you guys (I may have eaten three pieces)!! #oinkoink #girlgottarunthisweek
I noticed poor little Taylor was not being herself earlier Saturday and by the end of the night she had a fever of 102.5!! I knew we were in for a long night and I was right 🙂 #whoneedssleep We took her to MUSC after hours on Sunday, but no real diagnosis. They said it must be viral ;/ She tested negative for strep, flu, and her ears looked great! I swear this baby gets more fevers than any kid I know, bless her  sweet heart. She seems to be feeling better this morning, but I am keeping her home with me just to be safe.  Carson thought these mini “doctor mask” were awesome and he said he wanted to keep all the germs away from him. Haha! 
Last, I ordered this jacket last week from Lululemon. I can’t tell you how much I love it!! It’s such a flattering jacket and I love that you can change the look depending on how you zip it!! 
Okay that’s about all the randomness I’ve got for one day! 

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  1. Unknown says:

    Looks like a fun Halloween but so sorry about Taylor. Hope she's feeling better, that's the worst! Love that Lululemon jacket on you, great color.

  2. Jillian says:

    i hope taylor feels better soon! i love that you live in a neighborhood with tons of other kids for your kiddos to play with! annnd loving that jacket! i hope they release it in black soon. xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  3. So sorry Taylor got sick. Glad she's feeling better, though! And I'm lovinnnnn that jacket!! Lululemon can do no wrong. XO!

  4. Unknown says:

    I swear so many of my friends' little girls went as bees this year! Farrah and I were both Rainbow Brite 🙂 Look like everyone had a great time! xo


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