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May 27, 2014




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I hope you all had an awesome Memorial Day weekend! I know we sure did. 
We played a lot, but we also got some things checked off of our to do list. It always feel so nice to get those done. 
Today really marks the first day of summer for us! The kids are officially done with school and we have no plans. I am feeling excited and nervous all at once. I do want to get on some sort of schedule, but I really want this to be a carefree relaxing summer for me and the kids.
Last night Todd and I had our first date night of the summer. We have a sitter lined up for every week to come and I am pretty darn happy about this! Our food and drinks were incredible and for all you locals we ate at Stars. I had planned to wear my new pink dress, but changed my mind at the last minute. In case you didn’t see it on Insatgram here it is!
I picked up a few new pillows and plants for the front porch. I don’t know what it is, but fresh flowers make everything look prettier 🙂 We also made some updates to the kids playroom, but I will have a full reveal later on in the week with that! 
How awesome is this maxi I found it for $65.00!! I think the beaded neckline makes this dress look so elegant and much more expensive!!
And ps if you missed my post on Sunday you must go check out this lace dress!!!
Last, I have received a few emails requesting that I continue keeping you guys updated on my surgery. To be completely honest, things look about the same. I still have some swelling and bruising at the bottom, but my scar seems to be healing up nicely. I am trying to be patient and I keep telling myself it’s a 6 month healing process, but I just feel like my stomach looks pretty similar to what it looked like before the surgery. My doctor did say that he’ s going to put me on Retin-A treatment for my stretch marks this fall. Again, thanks for being so supportive and I will continue to update you guys my results. I can, however, hit the gym this week. So this in itself is going to have me feeling better!!
Swimsuit similar here

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You look like you're healing really well!! I know that once you get back to the gym and on a routine you will probably feel even better! It's hard to stray from routine.

    I love both of those dresses you've posted- so cute! I have not tried Stars yet, but you're the third person to say how delicious it is! I'll have to try that out asap.


  2. I think you look amazing already but I imagine you'll feel better being able to work out again! I saw your dress on IG this weekend and love it! Did you find it in the store or online and do you feel it fits TTS?

  3. You look great (and love that suit)! I didn't realize it was such a long recovery. Enjoy this first day of summer!

  4. Bamawhitney says:

    You look amazing! I've slipped on my fitness routine as I'm up to my neck in packing boxes for our move to Austin this weekend, but once I'm resettled – back at it and I actually have a similar surgery in my sights!!!

  5. Sarah says:

    it looks like you are healing well! i had no idea it takes 6 months! tell me that again when i want to do mine so i can get it done in like, november! ha ha.
    you look fabulous caycee!


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