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// I’m hosting our girls supper club tonight at the house, and I am so excited! I love to entertain, and being that it’s been a while since I’ve been able to host at our house I hope my skills aren’t too rusty 😉 But let’s be real here, as long as there is good wine and good company no one really notices the other details, right 🙂 
But just in case, I did stop by Pottery Barn for a few table pieces, and I also picked up some pretty flowers yesterday at Whole Foods. 
It’s a pretty simple setup, but I love the way it turned out. 
// I just realized that I haven’t really given you guys much of an update on how my little man is doing since the move. I’m sure some of you may have noticed, but I don’t post as many pictures or talk about my sweet kiddos as much as I used to. Now that they’re getting older, I try not to keep the camera in their face constantly, and I’ve been giving them their privacy as far as the blog. That being said, I still want to do better about sharing some things with you guys and documenting important moments that I never want to forget. 
Now back to my point, we have never seen our little guy happier. I prayed so much before our move for the Lord to give me guidance in where we should be. Once we moved, I prayed again that we had made the right decision for the kids and our family. Turns out, the power of prayer and following your heart really works. I know that sounds pretty cheesy, and I feel kinda silly even writing it, but it’s true. I love this boy so much, and we are so, so proud of him. 
// And little miss Taylor is doing GREAT as well. She loves her new school, and she has made a lot of new friends. During rest time at her school they offer optional enrichment activities, and since Taylor hasn’t napped in many years, we signed up her for almost all of them. Her favorites are dance, gymnastics, and jump bunch. And she loves to show us all her moves when she gets home. She’s such a happy child…she is always laughing and being silly. 
// Last Saturday, my girlfriend Natalie and I headed out to Park Circle for their St. Patty’s Day celebration. 
When we got there we were both starving, so we stopped at EVO for a bite. We ended up splitting their bib salad and their havarti mushroom pizza, and both were delish! 
What I wore

// On Instastories, many of you were asking me about these little salt and pepper cellars that I posted. I picked these up at Pottery Barn, but unfortunately, they are sold out 🙁 I did find some similar options online for you guys here, here and here. And these adorable tea towels are still in stock here
// And last, thank y’all so much for your help on picking which dress I should wear for fashion week. Looks like the maxi is the winner! A few of my girlfriends and I have press passes for Friday night, and I’m eager to see all the new fashion trends on the runway. 
It’s been super cold here this week, but by Friday it’s supposed to be in the mid 60’s. That’s still not warm in my book, but it’s not freezing either, so I’m thinking I will be good to go in the maxi dress. 

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