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Dec 18, 2012




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These two sweet faces made it until 6:00AM before waking mama up this morning. Hey, with my two that is sleeping in!
We had our girls supper club last night! Pretty sure I gained the 4lbs back that I lost. Who cares that jam was good. 
A few weeks back we replaced all the hardware in the kitchen. I must say I like it much better, so much more updated.
I am making these today for all my favorites for the holidays. If they rock my socks off you will get the recipe, if they suck we will not talk about them again.
Last I have really been feeling love from all my readers lately, and it just means so much! 
So I just wanted to say…..

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  1. Those bars look delicious. and Sterling was up at 6 too. Why do our kids not sleep in??

  2. Love that blouse! Does it run small? I find a lot of their clothes run really small but it's so hard to tell when ordering online!

  3. 40 pounds?! That's amazing!!!!

  4. Your outfit is too cute!!!


  5. Kasey Lynne says:

    I just added that blouse to my wish list. I am so obsessed with anything polka dot right now!! Thank you for feeding my addiction ;D

    The new hardware looks great! Definitely an easy upgrade!


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