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Feb 25, 2014




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No excuses on todays workout ladies!!! You know why, because you don’t even need a gym you can do this one right at home 🙂 
It’s called the fat burner, and it’s no joke my friends!
*100 Burpees 
15,14,13,12,11,10,………….. 1 of each 
This was actually the workout my trainer sent with me last year to Disney World. I may have only done it one time, but it’s legit and hard!!! I may even bust it out in the backyard with the kids today 😉
Speaking of working out, have you seen some of the new spring “gym attire”. Can’t wait to grab a few new pieces, nothing like some new spandex to get you motivated!!

On another note Shopbop just announced their spend more and save more event!!!
Perfect time to get your Hunter BootsRay Ban sunnies, TB flip flops, and you favorite white jeans!!!
*Enter code BIGEVENT14 at checkout*

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  1. Unknown says:

    OOoohh I need a good fat burner workout. I have several pinned but have yet to do them. I think ill try this one out. And totally going to check out ShopBops buy more save more. I love when they do this. And yessss to stocking up on some TB flips.

  2. Definitely might be doing this one from home today. Thanks for the inspiration, girlie!!! xx

  3. Anonymous says:

    Totally motivated to workout whenever I but new exercise clothes. Nice discount find!


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