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Nov 1, 2012




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Sorry guys prepare yourselves for an overload of pictures. This post is mainly for me and the sweet memories that took place last night.
Halloween was so much fun, and it’s get a little more exciting every year.
Can I brag a minute on how sweet these kids are? They all said thank you after every piece of candy they received. (my child may have done this because I told him if he forgot then I was going to eat that piece of candy).

It is so sweet to look back and see these guys all together each Halloween.
Let’s do a little flash back shall we.
My little babes all dressed up.
Zooming to the next house.

And this little elephant was such a trooper, she made it all night without a peep. Probably because her daddy was carrying her, she loves that man. What can I say, he has a way with women 🙂

My super hero and all his loot. Thanks son, now I will never loose these 20lbs I got to get off.

It was a wonderful Halloween here, hope yours was just as fun!

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  1. Precious babies! You're a lucky girl! You don't need to lose 20 lbs! Apparently I do since I was called pregnant today….


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