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Mar 11, 2014




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Calling all Charleston ladies!!!!!! Natalie and I are hosting a trunk show for La Senorita Jolie this Thursday!!! We would love for you to join us for a little shopping and mimosas!! I don’t even have to tell you how amazing this line is, but if you missed it, check out my post here!!  If you are not local or you just can’t make the show, feel free to email me with any questions and to place an order!! {and for the address}
Or you can simply use the code LSJ-DBDD for free shipping on your entire order!
Hope to see and meet some new faces Thursday 😉

Hello sunshine…………. Ahh so happy the temps are starting to warm up around here. I wish I could tell y’all my bikini body felt the same way! But that would be a big ol fat lie!! 
I put on my 6 pound winter coat just like I always do, but I am thinking the pounds are feeling a little too comfy because they aren’t wanting to budge! 
Time to get real people. Gotta remember, Taco Bell ain’t my friend, and neither are Cadbury eggs!! 
Plus, judging by the Victoria Secret swimwear, I better up my squats too!!
*If I see anyone wearing this on the beach, I am going to take your picture, post it to Instagram, and laugh at you! Well, unless your ass looks like that (which I am almost positive is photoshopped}then I may come introduce myself, and ask for your autograph 😉
Full Body Workout
20 Rope Slams 
20 Jumping Dips
20 Medicine Ball Slams
20 Box Jumps
*4 rounds* 
*Maybe I should have posted the workout first, because her ass was distracting me the entire time I typed;)
Now I know I just kinda cracked on Victoria’s Secret, but that was just the one swimsuit, otherwise I LOVE that store. Their new arrivals in the Sports section are amazing!!!
Here are a few of my favorites.

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  1. Unknown says:

    I love VS's workout clothes. I don't think I'll be bikini-ing it this summer with a baby due in May and all. All the VS swim catalogs are doing to me right now are depressing me. I wish I didn't have to work so I could make it to the trunk show!

  2. Spiffie says:

    Just remember that EVERYTHING is photoshopped!! Don't compare yourself!

  3. That suit is ridiculous! Even if my backside looked like that you would never catch me wearing that out!

  4. There is a hilarious post by Words by the Glass about moms shopping VS swimsuits (my favorite part is in reference to picking a swimsuit that already makes you look like you have a wedgie because chasing kids on the beach will give you one anyway). I've never looked at VS athletic wear!! I need to – I usually gravitate towards gap.

  5. Amber says:

    Speaking of workout wear… Please remind everyone about that push up sports bra!! Amazing! I wish I could wear kt all the time!

  6. Sara Moon says:

    I just want to say before baby when I had a hot rocking bod I didn't need to be in that suit…and now if I wore it you would put me on IG and I guarantee not 1 person would like. Eeekk


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