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Mar 19, 2013




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This week has been a “hungry” week for me. Like seriously I want to eat everything! I hate it when this happens, it messing up my goal.
Taco Bell this should be illegal….yes that is a suitcase full of tacos! And why yes I ate half the box.
You guys ready for another killer steal? 
Yep another forever 21 dress!! 
It reminded me of a Lilly dress, and let me tell you it felt like one too. It’s double lined and the material is amazing.  I am on a roll with forever 21, and I have some more goodies on the way to me 😉
Over the weekend Todd and I were discussing his business and making it grow. He mentioned it would help if he worked longer hours. I could feel a panic attack coming on y’all. By 5:00 I am done, Taylor is done, and I feel like I am at wits end. I straight up clock watch from 4-5, I could not imagine staring at that thing from 4-6. Tell me this is normal, you guys clock watch right?
Last, this past weekend I took Taylor down to my neighbors to check her ears. He’s in ENT school, and is going to be a kick butt doctor. Anyways a few of his residents were in town and over at his house. Lauren his wife and my friend took me upstairs to meet his friends. While chatting with them a big wind came a blew my dress completely up.I think I said something like Dear God. I was a little embarrassed, but still the first thought that ran through my head was thank goodness I’ve been working out and have on good undies. That’s totally a normal thought right? I tell you, girl problems.

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  1. Julia Ryan says:

    you look smoking hot in that dress girl! Like for real! I bet those doctors were happy to see an accidently ass shot! hahaha!

  2. KatiePerk says:

    Love that dress. Total score! Sometimes you need to run for the border!!

  3. Girl you crack me up!! Love that you were glad you had been working out and wearing cute undies, I would have totally been thinking the same thing;) I feel you on the clock watching…the boys get home from school at 4 and I have to wrestle them to do their homework, and my darling 3 yr old has recently decided she no longer wants to nap and is then miserable and then hubs wonders why I'm pouring a glass of wine as he walks in the door each night haha

  4. you look fantastic, if you can eat 1/2 a box a taco bell and still wear that dress like that, you are doing alright girl! xo
    and as a stay-at-home mom/work at the same time from home mom those last 2 photos made me laugh out loud. 😉

  5. Charity says:

    You make me laugh!! Love how you keep it real, I always look forward to reading your posts…. can't wait for the eating clean/work out post, you've inspired me to get my body back where I want it too:)

  6. Beesmama says:

    LOOVE that dress! Where did you find the belts that you wear with the dresses? You look awesome-super skinny!
    My kiddos are about the same age as yours-3.5 and 10 mos, and my husband gets home at 7PM-it is awful!! I usually have a drink in hand by 5 to get me through the 'clock watch':)

  7. megan says:

    You have been hitting the F21 jackpot lately! Keep sharing your finds!

  8. Taylor says:

    Love your blog! Would love to know where the elephant print in Taylor's room came from (if it's not a secret :)). And yes, I clock watch all afternoon. I can't stand it if my husband is even 10 minutes late getting home!

  9. Brandi says:

    I ordered that dress, of course you look way better in it than I do. HOTTIE!!! And I would have been thinking the same thing…hehe!! What workouts are you doing?

  10. Hickory says:

    Love your blog!!! Wondering where you got those cute shoes you are wearting with your SUPER cute new dress…would you ming sharing?

  11. Dina says:

    My husband travels every.single.week-it's loads of fun!! Ugh hate it! Thank god mine nap really well and go to bed at 7pm because I'd be looney by now if not! Love the dress 🙂

  12. Becca says:

    I love that dress! I also love the mint one you got! I ordered that one a few weeks ago and was SO bummed when I got an email saying they cancelled my order b/c it was out of stock in my size (small). I went to my store and they didn't have my size either so again- bummed! It's such a pretty dress! Can you tell us what else you ordered? I'm loving F21 lately too!

  13. Chelsea says:

    Too funny about the dress story! Yes, I hear ya — I totally clock watch everyday, hate it, but I just cant help it!

  14. Nat says:

    Such a cute dress!! You look great! My husband doesn't get home from work until 9pm every night and I'm having our first baby in June so I keep telling him that has to change before then!

  15. Unknown says:

    I love it! You keep it real 😉
    I remember those days of clock watching. You are doing good only starting at four- by then I had the wine bottle out and the opener in hand!

  16. Unknown says:

    Just recently found your blog and I love it! Your clock watching days won't last forever and yes, that's a totally normal thought if your dress flies up. 😉


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