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Jan 22, 2014




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Confession: I am so over winter and I am past ready for summer! I am just happier when it’s warm outside and the sun is shining. Who’s with me? 
If I am not in a maxi dress or  shorts you will find me in a little cotton dress. This one comes in two other lovely colors if white aint your thing. Perfect for a cover-up too.
These are hands down my favorite pajamas. I own three pair, and now that they are on sale I plan to own three more pair 🙂 PS It’s the last day of the semi-annual sale. 
Everything looks better in pink and with a monogram right?
Especially my hair that only gets washed twice a week- I know that’s gross. But hey this hair is  naturally curly, fried and dyed. Yeah, me and this ball cap are going to become great friends. It comes in tons of colors and fonts. I think you could totally dress it up depending on those two details and wear it with the cotton dress above.
I have this tank in purple and it’s perfection. I almost died when I saw that it was marked down to $34.00 ! Also save 40% on all clearance items 🙂
This may be the prettiest pattern I have seen so far! I mean how perfect would these be with the above white tank and these sandals?
I have been on a man hunt for one of these trays, but just refused to pay $60.00!! Score……..  this baby  is only $24.00 and has a gold monogram. Please and thank you!
I mean how precious are those little yellow polka dots? Perfect for tossing on baby girl after a hot summer day at the pool. I really love the pink one too.
I feel I am always neglecting my little man in the clothes department these days. When I saw these pajamas I could not stop laughing, I knew that they were perfect for my mustache loving man.

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  1. One of each please! I love each and every one. And I want to see your natural hair.

  2. Dina says:

    It's 13 degrees in Atl this morning, ugh!! Love that tray, could you post the source? I couldn't get the link to link up. Thx!!

  3. Unknown says:

    I was just saying to myself {yes I talk to myself} this morning as I was leaving the gym thatt "brrr it's cold and I'm so ready for spring/summer weather!" I get a little bit downhearted every morning as I see the weekly forecast while on the elliptical…lol. This is Charleston for gosh sakes! I may have to jump on that acrylic tray too – too cute and perfect for jewelry or primping products 🙂


  4. Julia Ryan says:

    You say this opening line on the same morning that my whole life is covered in snow. I am for real ready for summer. Love your picks, as always. Off to check out those jammies. I've started putting mine on at 6:30 when I do the kids jammies. truth.

  5. Beth Walker says:

    Ok, I need some info and how you wash your hair twice a week. I've heard lots of people say that and I so wish I could do that. My hair is curly, too. It would be so nice to not have to straighten it so often. I tried dry shampoo after I ran yesterday and in a ponytail it was presentable, but that's about it. That was only day 2!! Does it get better after a while, what do you do to sweaty hair, etc. Thanks so much! You and your sweet family are adorable!

  6. Alicia xoxxo says:

    Great list! I need that acrylic tray in my life. I have been on the hunt for one as well. Thanks for finding it at a great price!

  7. Oh I will most definitely be getting that monogram tray and the white cotton dress! I am over the cold weather can't wait for Spring!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oh that tray!! Thanks for sharing! I'm now in love with Shop Dandy Boutique! 🙂
    ~Sarah @ 702 Park Project

  9. miss tara says:

    I agree, you absolutely need to do a hair post. I'm also a curly haired, wash twice a week, bleached blonde. You look like you know what you're doing!

  10. Jodi says:

    Love the racerback pjs, mustache pjs and cute little girl outfit. And I need that tray!

  11. I live in cotton dresses in the summer too…I refer to them as "throw on" dresses!

    And wow..that acrylic tray is a steal!!

  12. Lauren says:

    I ordered the tray! I was like jumping for joy when I saw that price! I have been wanting one for so long!


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