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Nov 13, 2013




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Just for you and me I spent nap time browsing looking at every single thing at the Bloomingdale’s friends and family sale. Use code BFAM to save 20% and for free shipping! What is wrong with me? I have a shopping problem for sure 🙂  On a good and positive note I found some kick butt deals and steals. Like major designer brands on sale and then an extra 20% off of that! Yeah, you’re welcome, and tell the husband I am truly sorry not!!
I even took the time to categorize it for you, now that is just true love I tell you!
Let’s start with shoes………………..
(and don’t forget you welly socks, with your rain boots). I am busting mine out today to keep my piggies warm 😉
sweaters and tops……….


Ahh and I just snagged this Milly dress for a wedding in December! She was a definite steal from $355.00 to $192.00

Ok I am dying to know has anyone tried these pull on leggings? They look amazing and so comfy!

A few randoms…………..
Now is the best time to get that Northface jacket too!
And don’t forget about the kids, these Joe jeans and little Hunters are too precious!

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  1. Unknown says:

    I didn't think about sunglasses being on sale like those cute Ray Bans! Thanks for gathering it all up for us!

  2. Thank your for spending your nap time helping us shop!! 🙂 I love that splendid dress!

  3. KellyM says:

    Great finds, especially the Milly dress, love it!

  4. I love how you organized these into categories. I think I'm getting that Splendid cowl neck top!


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