Worlds Greatest Dad!

Dec 2, 2010




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No not because he is magical and can build and install anything, and not only do it, but do it to perfection!

Not because he is the most loved Papa in the world, seriously people this man is like the papa whisper! The grand babies all love him, and Carson happens to think he hung the moon 🙂

No, not because I am his only little girl, who by the way he spoiled rotten as a child. Sorry Todd its part of the reason I am so high maintenance now!

 He is the worlds greatest dad, because he is my daddy! The man who has loved me from the day he laid eyes on me, the man who made my childhood so special and taught me the importance of family, the man who showed me what a man was, and how man should treat a women.

PS Did I mention my parents have been married for 30 years and they LOVE each other!
This post was just going to be a thank you to my dad for hanging my new chandeliers, but the rest just seemed to fit!

So Thanks you dad for hanging my Chandeliers, and also being the worlds greatest dad! I love you!

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