15 month checkup and shots :(

Apr 28, 2010




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Yesterday Carson had his 15 month Dr. Appt. I was totally dreading it because I knew my little man had to get 2 shots. Todd always goes with us to the doctor, and always handles the shots. I stand in the corner, back facing with my hands over my eyes, and cry with my baby! You might think I’m joking , but I promise you I am not! I knew yesterday that Todd could not go with us, so I was really nervous the whole day. When we got there Carson was so happy and just chatting away with everyone he saw. It was breaking my heart knowing they were going to mess his happy mood up. I was doing OK though………. until they brought the needles in! i started getting sweaty and i could feel the anxiety coming on. But it was over so fast and he did so good. We hugged and rocked for a few minutes, until he spotted a balloon! He was out of that room like a flash after that balloon, and had forgotten all about the pain 🙂 Carson is a total of 21 lbs 20th Percentile ha! He is 75th for height and his head is in the 50th. My little monkey is just perfect!

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  1. Unknown says:

    Yay for a healthy check up! OMG I laughed out loud when I read that Carson was 21 lbs and 15 months. My little man is 8 months and 21 lbs 6 ounces. I forget how big my baby actually is until I see things like this haha

  2. Ashley says:

    Aww little cutie!!!!!


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