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So, I totally thought all day yesterday that it was Friday!!  I even sent out two emails that started out with ‘Happy Friday’…..oops! #mamaneedsmoresleep 
That being said, instead of Five on Friday, all I’ve got for you is four 😉 

 ONE //
Hold the phone, y’all…..Spanx has come out with white denim legging jeans!!  Oh my, they are so comfortable and extremely flattering!  You feel like you have on soft leggings, but it looks like you have on slimming white jeans!! 
Tank (under $45) // Spanx denim  // Earrings // Wedges 

TWO // 
I can’t believe that Easter is in three weeks!?!?  I really love Easter, it’s one of my favorite holidays for so many reasons…the candy, the weather, and most importantly, celebrating the resurrection of the Lord!  And I can’t wait to watch my babies and their sweet cousins hunt for eggs this year. 
I can’t stop eating these….somebody stop me!! 
I just ordered Taylor this liner for her basket!  Isn’t it the cutest ever!?! 

On Sunday Todd and I are planning to take the kids to go see the Disney movie Zootopia.  Carson and I watched the previews this morning on my phone and it looks adorable.  Rumor has it, this movie is supposed to be bigger than Frozen!! 
FOUR // 
Speaking of movies, Todd and I haven’t been to see one by ourselves in a long time.  We actually haven’t been on a date by ourselves in over a month!!!  I know, this probably seems crazy considering we used to go on a date once a week, and honestly, there is no real reason except that life has been crazy busy lately!  So tonight, we decided it was time for a date night with just the two of us, and secretly, I am more excited than normal about a date with him.  I feel like we have so many exciting things to talk about that we just have been too tired to discuss by the end of the night.  We haven’t decided where to eat yet, and honestly, I don’t even care if it’s Taco Bell as long as I can get a full sentence out without being interrupted! 

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  1. Um, YES to that amazing Easter basket liner. And to Cadbury eggs. AHHHH! Why do they have to be so good?!?! xx


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