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Mar 3, 2016




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Wow, how in the world is it already March!?!  I swear, the months and weeks seem to keep flying by faster and faster! 
// I took Taylor to get her haircut this past week.  I toyed with the idea of cutting her bangs, but in the end, the stylist talked me out of it because of her cowlicks.  So, we just parted it differently and cut off a few inches.  I think it look so cute and so much thicker! 
Not the best picture because the wind was blowing when I snapped this 😉 

Speaking of Taylor, she now loves to take “daddy’s mail” with me to the post office.  There is a small, privately owned business that also operates a USPS store behind Todd’s office and the owners bring their dog and their new puppy everyday!!  So, I’ll let the pictures explain why she’s a huge fan of the post office…ha! 
// With all the house stuff going on, lunch in the car has become a new regular for me.  And I have become obsessed with bagels.  I have literally started craving them for lunch everyday.  I keep trying to tell myself (and my thighs) that I am going to regret this in about a month when I have to put on a swimsuit!  Oh, and yes, that is a burger on a bagel, and while it’s probably the worst kind of bagel to get, I promise it’s worth every calorie!! 
// I love a good dress that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.  I wore this one yesterday to a meeting with our accountant, and then changed the shoes and took of the cardigan for dinner out with the girls!  Oh yeah, and most of the colors are now 40% off! 
// The weather here this week has been so warm, and it has me dreaming and wishing for summer to hurry!! I can’t wait to wear these two swimsuits again, though if I don’t get my butt back in the gym and lay off the bagels it may be a sad sight   🙂  Either way if you have been eyeing either one of these swimsuits I would grab them now while they are on the Shopbop sale!! 

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  1. Annie Reeves says:

    Taylor is such a cutie!! Loving her new little hairstyle 🙂

    And now I'm craving a bagel…yum!!

    Annie Reeves

  2. Unknown says:

    Need details on where that bagel is from! Let's meet for lunch and shove them in our faces!!! Do they serve mimosas!?


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