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Jul 26, 2013




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1) Getting to hold a snuggly newborn baby. Is there anything better than a newborn? Look how happy Taylor is about the situation, she loves a baby too. Yeah right, she wanted that baby out of my arms about 5 minutes later. Nobody but Miss Tay Tay gets mamas undivided attention ha!
2) To hosting playgroup twice this week! So fun watching all the little ones have a blast while us mamas enjoy a glass of vino and chat away 😉 Don’t know what I would do without these ladies! Love them all so much!
3) The fabulous Nordstom Anniversary Sale! To me this was the best one yet! I made out like a bandit, and we are all set for fall! I love feeling ahead of the game and getting a good deal 😉
4) To having talented friends! I mean really, watch this video and tell me this isn’t real talent? Yeah this is what we do at playgroup, don’t judge 😉 Now ladies remember this all happened at my house first when y’all become famous 😉
5) Last to these two sweet faces leaving me for the weekend. I mean not going to lie half the time they drive me bat crazy, but goodness I am going to miss them. They are going to stay with Mimi and Papa for the weekend, and I know they will have so much fun! Plus Todd and I are really excited to have a weekend to ourselves. We plan to go to the movies, out to dinner with friends, and do some much needed yard work. O yeah and sleep in….ahh cant wait!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh my! From now on I am cutting myself off at one mimosa or who knows what other embarrassing things I will allow to be captured on video! Although, I will say that clip is a testament to how much fun we have at play group 🙂 And Lauren has mad 'cups' skills!!

  2. The cups thing is hilarious. My almost 8-year-old can do it, and sing the song. I'm way too uncoordinated. Enjoy your kid-free weekend!

  3. ok, can we talk about how amazing your dress is?! love it! and the video IS awesome! 😉

  4. Christina says:

    ooh i like those jeans!

  5. Those are my kind of play dates!!! We'll be at the next one. 😉 😉

    Y'all are going to have such a fabulous weekend….. I just told my hubby this week how ideal that sounds — us just being at home with the house to ourselves kid-free! Going on a trip is wonderful, but it's just nice to be at home and relax!! Good for y'all! ENJOY!!!

  6. Unknown says:

    Is that you in the video singing? I couldn't tell! I am getting a sans kiddos weekend too! Nana and Papa are taking them to Folly Beach. We are going to an IOP pool party and then the Jammer for the MJ Tribute Band concert! http://www.styleoyster.blogspot.com / http://www.thegymbunny.com

  7. Have so much fun this weekend! I am super super jealous! I would make such to brighten up that yard work with some cold cocktails!

  8. Taylor's smile is just gorgeous! She is too cute.

    An adult only weekend at home sounds amazing to me. And I'm glad I'm not the only mom whose kiddos drive me bat crazy. 🙂 So ready for mothers day out to be back in session.

    Enjoy your weekend!


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