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Jul 29, 2013




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It was kid free enough said right? 
No really, it was very laid back. Todd pretty much did yard work the entire day Saturday. Sounds fun doesn’t it 🙂 It was  just one of those things we knew we couldn’t put off any longer. Glad it’s done and glad its over. I on the other hand had the chance to get a little shopping in while all that was taking place. 
I found the most amazing Joe’s jeans ever!!! I am not even kidding when I say they are the most comfortable and flattering jeans I own. For all my shorties the “ankle” fits more like a true skinny full length. Which I can never find being 5’2. So I was so happy when I found these. 
(yes I shamelessly took butt shots for y’all, cause after all it the most important fit of the jean). 
I also snagged up these Sam Edelman sandals! How hot are these? I bet they are going to sound even hotter when I tell you they are on sale right now for $50.00! 
 Back to our weekend. After all the yard work and shopping we fancied up for dinner. We had reservations with some friends at The Macintosh. I was way too busy stuffing my face at dinner to take any pictures, but I did manage you get one of the desert. OMG amazing!
On Sunday we slept in!! I think I need to repeat that for my sake, because it never happens anymore! Todd went solo to pick up the kids while I grocery shopped for the week. I returned home earlier than I expected and had about 30 minutes of quiet time all to myself. I fixed a big cup of coffee and flipped through my new magazine. Ahh the little things.

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  1. That dessert has me drooling. Macintosh rocks. Glad you didnt buy the Rag and Bone since you found some other jeans you like better!

  2. Those jeans look awesome and OMG I love those shoes!!! Were they at the Shoes On King sale rack? I think I saw them.

  3. That desert looks amazing and those jeans look great! I need a pair!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Love those jeans – they look great on you! I am now convinced that my mission this week is to go on the hunt for jeans 😉

  5. Unknown says:

    kid free weekends are THE BEST! those jeans rock!

  6. The jeans look fabulous on you! I love your shoes too! They're perfect with jeans and could look killer with a cocktail dress. Great purchase!

  7. Those jeans look great and I'm loving the colorful maxi you have on for your night out!

  8. Tess says:

    Finding jeans off the rack – and not needing to get them hemmed is like a freaking miracle in itself – and I'm 5'7! They look fantastic on you and they're the perfect wash!

    Here's to a quick week! xo

  9. Ashley says:

    That dress is beautiful on you! I love the pattern and colors!


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