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Feb 12, 2021




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TGIF Friends!!! 

ONE // 

// Last night was our second night of sleep training and I am SO happy to say that it went really good, so much better than I expected!! Todd took over the pop-ins since I am still nursing some during the day, and she only woke up a few times, and the longest that she cried was two minutes!!! I can already tell with just two nights of getting sleep that I have more energy and that my mood is better!

TWO // 

If you guys are looking for an easy yet healthy soup to make, then do yourself a favor and make this creamy chicken enchilada soup asap! 


This picture is from a few weeks back when we stayed the weekend at 20 South Battery hotel! I was going through all of my photos of that weekend last night, and decided that I need to do an entire post on this hotel and our weekend stay there! It was such a fun one, and the kids had the best time. 

FOUR // 

Last week even though I was beyond exhausted I actually made myself get dressed and put on makeup. It truly is an instant game changer in my mood and as odd as it sounds my productivity for the day. 

Daily Ritual Drawstring Hoodie  //  Raw Hem Skinny Jeans  // Capri Mules 

FIVE // 

And I leave you guys with this, this is one that I have needed to read daily and remind myself of, so I thought maybe you guys could use this reminder as well. 

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