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Feb 4, 2021




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Hello friends, and happy Wednesday!  Last night was our first night attempting to sleep train little miss Reese, and I have to say, I am praying that the next few nights get easier.  

As I mentioned last week on Instastories, I’ve been so ready to come back to this space, but I was having trouble figuring out exactly how to kick things off since I’ve been gone for so long.

That being said, I decided the best way was to kick things off was with a little question and answer post! 

How is your mental health currently? (I also have anxiety/depression) 

To be honest, I have my good days and I have my bad days.  I am currently taking medication for anxiety and depression, and while it helps a good bit, I still struggle with feeling both depressed and anxiety ridden some days.  I am hoping that when we get Reese sleeping through the night and on a nap schedule during the day it will help reduce my anxiety.  

What has been the hardest part of adding a baby to the mix with older kids? 

Finding the time to individually spend with each one of them.  Plus, with not getting very much sleep (more on that in my next question), my fuse has been a lot shorter with Carson and Taylor.  But man, I truly do adore all three of these beautiful faces, and I wouldn’t change any of it for anything in the world. 

How is Reese sleeping for you?

She’s not…haha!  Not one time since the day she was born has she slept through the night.  We are all exhausted to say the least, and over the last three months she doesn’t want to go back down when she gets up in the middle of the night.  

As of this Friday, we are starting sleep training boot camp!  I am planning on following this method that I online, but I am open to suggestions if you guys know of any other websites, apps, or books for me to check out!  

And nursing moms, I need your advice.  I keep going back and forth on either weaning slowly or to just quit cold turkey.  I have read positives and negatives for both, but I would love to hear from any of you that have been through this process. 

Are Todd and I still planning on writing a book?

Yes, but it has taken a backseat due to baby Reese being more of a handful than we anticipated, COVID-19, along with some unfortunate issues with the house.  But it is definitely something that when the timing is right we plan to work on and complete, and then fingers crossed…possibly have published.  

Anymore babies?

Nope!  Even if we wanted more, I have been strongly advised to not have any more babies due to my complications giving birth to Reese. 

Favorite restaurant in the area to eat at as a family? 

Downtown I would have to say Workshop.  Not only is there a great open area for the kids to run around in, but they also have such an awesome variety of food.  In Mt. Pleasant, Red Drum is a family favorite and on Daniel Island we love Dockery’s

Favorite bra/sports bra? 

My favorite everyday tee shirt bra is this one from Thridlove.  My Favorite bra with a little pushup and that looks great under blouses is this one by Wacoal.  And my favorite sports bra is this one by Core10, Not only does it feel like butter, but it is also very supportive. 

What do I recommend for everyday dishes?

So funny that I got this question because I actually just ordered two sets of these.  We currently have a hodge podge of white dishes in our cabinets, but we always seem to run out of bowls and salad plates when we have guest.  I ordered these on a whim yesterday and they will be arriving on Friday so I’ll be sure to report back. 

What is my go-to breakfast? 

Avocado toast or Peanut Butter toast, but let’s be real, these days I don’t even take the time to make either and I usually grab whatever (usually unhealthy) leftovers are in the fridge :/

What is the name of that book you just started reading? 

Atomic Habits – I’ve only made it through the first chapter, but I can tell this one is going to be a good one that I definitely need to read. 

How is your small dog working out? 

Mr. Bandit is right at home, or at least I hope he feels that way because that’s the way we feel about him. He is seriously the most loving and affectionate dog ever.  On another note, he hates ever being left alone.  He has hyper fits early in the mornings and then in the evenings, but they are truly hilarious. 


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  1. Mary says:

    I love you little family, so cute. Oh boy, not once since she was born? I’m praying sleep training works. Don’t give up. I did it with my daughter and it was bad, but you can’t stop, it does get better. I forgot to ask in your question box, what are the issues with your home? I remember you mentioning it.

  2. Slizzy74 says:

    I would check Moms on Call for sleep training.

  3. Shauna says:

    I'd drop a session every 3-7 days to avoid discomfort for you and baby. You could also shorten sessions each time beginning with the least "important" session to your baby. Good luck

  4. Chris Cowan says:

    My advice would be to wean slowly. Make sure she isn't truly hungry when she nurses and start shortening the length of nursing in order to decrease your supply. And then for the nursing sessions before bed and nap offer a sippy of milk before nursing and after and then do something in between then and going into the crib like a diaper change and a book so that the nursing isn't associated with going to sleep–which helped us with night wakings and going back to sleep if they did wake up. Hope it goes well!

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