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Oct 26, 2018




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Happy Friday friends, and cheers to the weekend!! 
ONE // 

I am so excited about tonight’s party that I can hardly stand it!  I have all my supplies and most of my decorations already set up, but I will be running around like a crazy person all day grabbing booze and prepping food.  I’ll try to post on Instastories as much as possible and I’ll definitely make sure I get some good pictures of all the costumes…ha! 
All Halloween decor is linked here.
TWO // 

Speaking of running around like crazy, our family calendar is completely booked for the next five weeks!!  I feel like November and December are always busy, but this year is going to be nuts!  I have a baby shower for one of my oldest and dearest friends in Columbia next weekend.  The shower is on Sunday so I decided on a whim (aka on Wednesday) that we would all head to Columbia next Saturday with plans to take the kids to the Riverbanks Zoo and stay in this cool new hotel!  Have any of y’all ever heard of this hotel or ever stayed here? 
I have to share what I ordered for the baby shower with you!!  I mean, where was this ADORABLE stuff when Carson and Taylor were babies?!?  Gosh, all we had were the ugly ass green hospital pacis, and of course, that’s all both of our babies would take in the beginning…ha!  And this moms’s emergency kit is one that is perfect to gift or to just order for all you mamas out there no matter how old your kids are!  We have one in my car and one in Todd’s truck, and I cannot tell you how many times this thing has come in handy and saved us in a travel emergency! 

Carson’s preteen room is almost complete (I seriously deleted and rewrote this sentence four times).  It just seems impossible to me that in exactly three months Carson will be in the double digits…to me, he still is, and will always be my sweet little boy. 
We’re still waiting on his bedding and pillows to arrive along with a few new accessories, and then it will be officially complete!  You can find all his furniture, mirrors, rug, and lamps here.  And his wallpaper is found here
FOUR // 

I stopped in Starbucks early Wednesday morning to grab a warm coffee with intentions to do a little work.  I had already eaten breakfast at home, but as usual, I was still starving…haha!!  So, I decided to give the healthiest breakfast sandwich on the menu a shot.  And y’all, holy slap your grandma batman, it was amazing!!  So next time you’re in Starbucks and looking to eat your first or even second breakfast for the morning, make sure you order the reduced fat turkey bacon and cage free breakfast sandwich!! 
FIVE // 

And last thing, for all my fashion readers, here is this week’s links to all my looks! 

Dress runs tts, and for sizing reference, I am wearing a small. 

Dress runs tts, and for sizing reference, I am wearing a small. 

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