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Oct 30, 2018




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Hello ladies and happy Tuesday!! 
I hope you guys all had a great weekend!  Our weekend was full of activities, but so much fun!! 
On Friday, Todd and I hosted our “Halloween neighborhood supper club”!  Oh man, did we have a good time!  Everyone’s costumes were so awesome, and by the end of the night everyone was dancing and laughing. 

 We even had the crazy men busting out a few dance moves, and let me tell you that was comical! 
Todd’s Sloth costume was so good, but the mask was really freaky in person and I couldn’t take him serious at all with that thing on. 
I got so many questions about these feta cheese covered olives, and let me just say, they were amazing!!  If you have a party coming up and need an appetizer, I highly recommend these!! 
I also received a lot of messages about the cocktail I served and how I got the smoky affect.  I used this recipe for the our “champagne margarita” and it was SO good.  Warning, it’s a strong one that will sneak up on you!  All I did to get the smoky affect was drop a small block of dry ice into the bottom of my drink container after I filled it with all the ingredients. 
// It was chilly Saturday morning, so we bundled up on the golf cart and made a run to Starbucks for some much needed coffee and carbs!  

// On Saturday evening, we had our annual Pumpkin walk in the neighborhood and we had a blast checking out all amazingly carved pumpkins!  Everyone was so creative and I wish I would’ve taken more pictures, but it was super crowded and keeping up with Taylor in the dark is one job I can’t handle while multitasking…haha! 

My poor girl was so sleepy after the pumpkin walk that she passed out on me while we were at dinner.  And if you guys have ever met my child you would know this is very rare, but I sure enjoyed it! 

What I wore

I apologize for the blurry photo, but the sun was starting to go down and the lighting in our bedroom wasn’t the best. 

// We enjoyed our fire pit with S’mores on both Saturday and Sunday.  Nothing beats a warm outdoor fire this time of year! 
// On Sunday, we had another fun day planned with the kids at the Charleston Brunch Festival!  The weather was perfect and the kids had a blast jumping on all the jump castles while running around with all of their friends. 
My Outfit
// And last, I leave you with my current desk situation…ha!  And I know this is kind of personal, but if you guys have any natural remedies for horrible PMS I am in desperate need!!  Mine has always been pretty bad due to my adhd, but over last year my cramps, irritability, and moods are even worse! These oils definitely help, but I would love to hear of any vitamins or supplements that may help as well. 

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