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// Todd really outdid himself this year with my birthday surprises. I joked with him that he set the bar pretty high for the years ahead, I mean, how do you ever top Jon Bon Jovi tickets!?!! And these flowers from CC Bloom are the most gorgeous flowers I have ever received! 
// The kids are heading to my parents to spend the weekend with their cousins and help mimi and papa decorate for Christmas. My parents started this tradition two years ago, and the kids get so excited about it every year. They make Christmas cookies, decorate the tree, and stay up way past their bedtime watching Christmas movies. Carson was so excited last night that he said he couldn’t even sleep…ha! And how in the world was this two Christmases ago?!?!
// Earlier this week I made this paleo egg roll in a bowl recipe, and it was another huge hit with everyone around here. I was pretty shocked that Carson ate it up with no complaints. And a few of you have messaged me on Instagram and through email asking about how going paleo has been, and I promise, I am planning an entire post on that soon! 
// Is anyone else addicted to the show, The Affair!?!? Todd and I were sucked in last season, and this season it is just as good so far. And speaking of tv shows, I can’t believe we have to wait until January 10th for the next episode of ‘This is Us’!?!?! 
// And last, here are a few recent outfits I am loving. I’ve shared most of them on Instagram, but I know many of you said you prefer the details here. 

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  1. Unknown says:

    So glad you had such an awesome birthday! And what a fun tradition with their grandparents, so special. I'm literally dying over that ecard, that explains our whole mama/dada night in approach right there haha!

    Erin, Attention to Darling


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