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Jul 29, 2016




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ONE // 
// Todd and I are kid free this weekend so we decided to celebrate our NINE year anniversary a little early this year.  Our anniversary falls right around the time Carson starts school, and since everything will be brand new for him this year, we decided we needed to stick around.  Tonight, we are going hydroflying, paddleboarding, and having a private picnic on a tiki hut.  I am so excited and I can’t wait to tell y’all how hydroflying is, let’s just pray I don’t bust it!
TWO // 
// I spent four hours at the dentist yesterday.  I was supposed to have a cavity filled and some bonding work done on my front teeth.  Well, the cavity was much deeper than the dentist thought and there’s a chance I could have to have a root canal!!!  Thanks to the dental nitrous oxide I don’t remember much of the drilling and all the needles to numb me up.  I have some horrible childhood memories of the dentist, including having my front tooth removed when I was eight while wide awake.  I’ll save that story for another post, but let’s just say you don’t want to be my dentist unless you have me on a high dose of nitrous oxide! 
// Thanks for all of your lantern help yesterday on Instagram!!!  Todd and I decided to do the more traditional style. I was actually really leaning towards the more modern looking one, but I loved them both and then Todd spoke up and said he liked the Charleston style better.  I can’t wait to light these gorgeous lanterns in the evenings while sitting on our front porch with a nice glass of wine 🙂 
// A few of you guys mentioned that your links on liketoknowit have not been working 🙁  So sorry about that.  In case you didn’t find them online, here are the details from the last few pictures I posted. 
Dress (runs big, size down I am wearing the xs) // Booties (on sale) // 

Dress (runs tts I am wearing the xs) // Sandals (on sale) // Cuff  

FIVE // 
// And last, I leave you with this wonderful reminder! 

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  1. Hydroflying terrifies me. I hope y'all have a blast and take lots of pics!

  2. That is so exciting, can't wait to hear all about it!! Sorry about the dentist, that is the worst! x

  3. Unknown says:

    Ok! So I found out this week that I need a root canal too! I almost fell on the floor. I had noticed some discoloration in a tooth and found out at some point I must have had trauma to that tooth and now it's dead and I have to have a root canal. I cried girl. I have never even had a cavity. I have had braces and teeth pulled but this scares me. I remembered you had just written this the other day and was like if Caycee can handle the dentist so can I. I may not like the dentists after this.

  4. Dominick says:

    As you have told that we should visit to emergency dentist near me at least once in a week or in a month to check your teeth. Because most of the time our tooth become affected with cavities and other germs.


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