5 on Friday + Mexican Burger Recipe

May 19, 2017




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Caycee Hewitt


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ONE // 

First off, if you haven’t ordered Danielle Walker’s cookbook Meals Made Simple yet, I highly recommend you do so. Every single recipe that I’ve made from this cookbook has been phenomenal. 
And these Mexican burgers may have been our favorite recipe yet. They were so delicious that I didn’t even miss the bun 🙂 And they paired so nicely with this rosemary sweet potato recipe
 And please tell me I’m not the only one with a kitchen counter that looks like this while they’re cooking?!

TWO //  

If you are looking for the perfect little white tank, look no further. I love that this one is thick enough that it’s not see through, and the cute tassels at the bottom are so fun! Again, it runs large so make sure you go down at least one size. For reference, I’m wearing the xs regular. 
A lot of you via Instastories wanted details on my lip color. It’s actually two different shades mixed together. It’s the Yves Saint Laurent shine on lipstick in #41 and #49. Both colors are pretty by themselves as well, but I like them best mixed together. 

Thank y’all so much for the help me pick a dress to wear to the wedding we’ll be attending this weekend. I am so excited that the coral one was your favorite, because it was the one I was really leaning towards. You can see all the choices here, along with sizing information just in case any of you are looking for dress ideas. 

FOUR // 

I’m in the process of switching from blogger to WordPress and it’s freaking me out a little bit. My site has actually been ready for two weeks now, but I just keep holding off on having it installed because the change seems a bit overwhelming. Either way, I know it’s a change that needs to happen and I know once I get used to it I’ll like it better. 
There’s a lot of features that blogger just doesn’t offer, and I’m excited to give you guys a better layout with much better images. I’m going to try to keep the layout as simple as possible, and I would greatly appreciate your feedback once it’s up and running. 
FIVE // 

I am looking forward to climbing in bed tonight and finally getting to slip into my new pajamas. Todd and the kids gifted me with two of my favorite things for Mother’s Day. You just can’t go wrong with a good pair of pajamas and a lovely smelling candle….now I just need another good book to read!! I’ve heard great things about the The Silent Wife and The Summer Girls. Have you ladies read either one of those, and if so, which did you like better?? 

TGIF, and happy weekend everyone!! 

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  1. Unknown says:

    The silent wife is really good so is the couple next door!

  2. Ashleigh Hogge says:

    The Summer Girls is the start of a wonderful series! I read all 4 books last summer in record time. It seems we have similar reading styles. I am finishing Hissy Fit now and I loved The Weekenders!

  3. Amanda says:

    Ohhh the Silent Wife sounds like a proper page turner!
    (Gorgeous coral dress by the way!)


  4. Lindsey says:

    Hi Caycee-
    I've been thinking of making the switch for my family to grain free for awhile. I remembered reading your post awhile back about making this switch for some health reasons. I love your posts about the food you all are enjoying. I've got my eye on this cookbook – and hoping the meals really are pretty easy.
    Thanks for keeping us posted 🙂


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