5 Tips on Stress Free Packing

May 17, 2017




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Good morning ladies, and happy hump day! 
After posting a video of packing last week on Instastories, I had asked if any of you would like for me to share my tips. I was astonished at how many of you wrote back and said, “Yes!” Then I started thinking, “Oh crap, my tips are kind of lame.”…ha! Either way, I swear by doing these these five simple things, it has made packing and traveling stress free for our entire family. I can’t tell you guys how many times prior to using this little method that I either left stuff that I needed at home or worried that I had left something. 
ONE // 
Wash, dry, and fold everyone’s clothes one to two days before the trip. This way everything is clean and organized before you start packing and you don’t have to scramble to find anyone’s clothing. Plus, it’s the best feeling ever to have your laundry room clean before you leave for a trip. 
TWO // 
Write down your daily plans for your trip. No matter where you are traveling, most of the time you will have some sort of itinerary. And as silly as it may seem to write this down, it makes packing so much easier, especially with kids. 
Make a list for each member of your family that you’re packing for. This is really helpful because you have your daily plans all written down, making it easier to know exactly what you will need. 
FOUR // 
Lay out everything on your list so that you can see it, and then check off your list before you pack it. 

Number four is my favorite, because this is usually when I start to plan outfits 🙂
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I like to lay mine out into separate piles with accessories. 

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FIVE // 
Pack everything as organized as possible into your bags. I like to try to put pajamas and undies on one side, clothes in the middle, and swimwear on the other side. 

Zip your bags up and place them by the door. Then, when you wake up the next morning to head out for your trip, everything is packed and ready to go. 

I know these packing tips are pretty basic, but they help me stay organized and feel less stressed about packing for a trip. 

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  1. The Muldrows says:

    Great post! Thanks so much for sharing these tips.


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