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Hello friends and happy hump day!!! 
I’m over here battling a major sinus infection, but I’m hoping and praying between my oils and my Neddi pot that I don’t have to go get an antibiotic!  And if you all have any other natural remedies for sinus infections, please let a sister know!!  
Also, before I get started telling you about these next random, yet fabulous things you need in your life, I wanted to let you know at that at some point today I’ll be finishing up my Amazon hit and misses try on session.  I did, however, share all three (under $25) dresses along with size and fit information right here on my blog last night

Can I get a whoop whoop for all the cozy fleece sets!!  And don’t judge, but I would totally wear the black set out of the house 😉  And yep, at only $38 I’m totally ordering two sets! 
If you’ve never purchased a Thymes frasier fur candle, you need to right now!!  It’s smells identical to a real Christmas tree without all the mess.  And I can’t get over how gorgeous this glass gold holder is…fyi, it’s also available at Amazon here.
I have really been wanting a pair of the cute duck rain boots for a while now, but I didn’t ever want to pay the $100 price tag.  That being said, I was super excited to find these (with a perfect 5 star review) for only $44!!!  
I love a good cape poncho in the fall and winter, and y’all, this one is only $34 and comes in six different colors and prints! 
And last, but not least, this baby will change your cooking life, especially when it comes to soups this fall and winter.  We’ve already used our at least five times this month, and besides the grill, it’s the only thing Todd loves to use when he cooks.

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