Unique / Useful Gift Ideas to go alongside and Personalize Gift Cards

Nov 9, 2018




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Okay friends, we all have that one person (or persons) in our life that stumps us every year as far as what to buy them for Christmas.  I have quite a few people like this on my list, so this year I decided to get a head start and try to think outside the box on what to gift them. 
Gift cards are obviously the easiest route to take and one I often choose, but handing someone a gift card on Christmas always feels so impersonal and never exciting for the giver or receiver. 
All that said, here are a few Unique Gift Ideas that would be fun and exciting, and would also add that personal touch to gift along with your gift card! 
And with the exception of “The Entertainers”gift ideas, I made sure to include a charming and re-usable way to present the gift while also taking out the hassle of having to wrap it. 
Publix Gift Card // Cooper Measuring Cups and Spoons 
Inside Engraved Cuff (available in rose gold or silver) 
AMX Gift Card // Pink Stemless Wine Glasses

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