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Jun 25, 2014




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Update: I just received this romper in the mail, and wanted to share with you guys!! So cute and under $50.00. Looks likes sizes are going fast, so if you want one I would get it now 🙂 and my necklace is here!
* My little wild child Taylor has now decided that along with no naps, she likes to play in the nude. That silly girl takes off her clothes and her diaper when in her room alone. Thank goodness she is tiny because I now have to put her in little rompers that she can’t get off. All of her sweet dresses will have to wait until this phase is over. Luckily, last week online I found these precious outfits at Old Navy that were cute and cheap. 
She’s lucky she’s cute 😉 
* How amazing do these loaded chicken salad sandwiches look? I am not a big fan of mayo so these look right up my alley. 
* I can’t stop thinking about this maxi dress. Aren’t the embroidered details amazing!!!
This one is equally as beautiful too! I know, I have maxi issues!!!
* In other exciting news, while chatting with my sister in law, she told me about her new blog that she and her husband recently launched, The Feud with Food!! I can vouch that they CAN cook, and most of the recipes they create are all on their own!! I know most of you are like me and love a good recipe, so make sure you go check it out!!!
* This is one of the cutest rompers I have ever seen!! I can’t decide if I like the black or the white more?
And don’t worry it’s not that short, unless you are 5’9!
*  If I ever get to build my own dream kitchen I am most definitely using  this one for inspiration!! 
Speaking of dream homes, have you guys seen this one?!!! Oh my stars, it’s amazing!!!
I need that bed in my life. 

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  1. I am so happy you posted that Dream home link… I came across it the other day and then when I went to show my husband that kitchen I couldn't remember where I saw it! So… THANK YOU!! I'll be checking out your familys food blog now 🙂

  2. Haahaha, love that Tay is trying to become a nudist! Bring on the rompers!

    Also, that kitchen..swoon!


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