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Jun 24, 2014




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Okay, so by now I am sure you have all discovered I am no model. I am totally kidding, you knew that from the beginning ha!
But, I really do enjoy doing the ‘what I am wearing’ post. It’s become a part of mine and Todd’s date night and he actually no longer complains. I think he secretly likes how good he’s gotten with the camera. 
All jokes aside, someone emailed to ask if he did family photo shoots 🙂 I am pretty sure he was flattered, but I had to let them know he was not a real photographer. He’s just my sweet husband who happily takes all my photos 😉 
Todd and I really do try to have fun with it, and my favorite part is coming home and laughing at all the outtakes.  They always keep me cracking up! They also usually have me saying, “Dear Lord I hope I never make that face in public.”
So I thought it would be fun for us to all laugh together at how goofy I actually look while doing these pictures. Usually out of the 50 he takes I can find three or four that are decent, but most of them definitely become the outtakes. 
I hope this gives you a good Tuesday laugh. 
Todd: Hey babe you have hair in your face. 
Me: It will look cool, like the winds blowing it, just take the picture.
Todd: Babe, that did not look cool.
Note to self : the kissy face is just NOT sexy!!
I have no words for this one.
“Here can you hold this while I rest my eyes”.

An umbrella is never a good idea, especially when it’s not raining!
This is always a bad pose……always

In other not so funny but great news Kate Spade Saturday just announced their secret sale!!
So Many good things for such great prices!! I mean earrings and necklaces for $10.00!!!
I am loving this tank marked down to $39.00!!!

And Shopbop also just announced their 25% off already reduced sale!!! Oh it’s going to be a good Tuesday!! Yep, this little number is coming home with me!! And how cute is this dress, such a steal!

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  1. Christina says:

    Love this. The umbrella one looks like something straight off The Disney Channel. haha xo

  2. I love it! I love outtakes 🙂 And you still look beautiful even with the funny faces!

  3. Lauren says:

    Love the out takes!! How fun to share those 🙂 I always love your style/ outfits posts!

  4. KatiePerk says:

    The mid Midi dance is my fave! Out take are always hilarious.

  5. I just laughed so loud- HILARIOUS!

  6. Sarah Vicars says:

    These are awesome!

  7. Those pictures are hilarious. I do love your outfit picture posts and it's good you can laugh at yourself (and awesome that you actually will post the "bad" ones).

  8. So funny and yet still so cute!! Totally wish I didn't know about the Kate spade Saturday sale!!


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