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Hello friends and happy Tuesday!! I took a vote yesterday on Instagram asking you guys what you wanted to see today, and amazon favorites won by a long shot! And I have to agree with you guys about these post, because I love seeing all the random things people buy from amazon, and I usually end up finding some really good things for myself or my kids! And speaking of Amazon, this month I am going to start going LIVE a few times a week, and I am planning on sharing so many things with you guys that are perfect for gift giving and things to help you get holiday organized so you want be super stressed! So you can follow me here so that you guys know when I go live and you’ll also be able to see when I share new things on my amazon store front! 

Halloween is over, and while I still plan on burning the rest of our thymes pumpkin candle, but I went ahead and snagged this one because they always sell out super fast! This is truly the most magical smelling candle ever, and it instantly puts me in a good mood and floods my mind with happy Christmas memories! 

Run don’t walk and order this brush!! This wet brush is a game changer for getting knots and tangles out, and it has made brushing Taylor’s hair after bath SO much easier! 
I found an alternative to my beloved Sugarbear gummies! I am pretty sure these are the exact same gummies, but just half the price and a different label! 

I am going to be sharing these adorable studs later this week on my amazon live, because the pictures don’t do them justice! Now I will say that the round balls and diamonds are super small, so I would gift these to someone younger with smaller ears! Every year I keep hoping that Taylor is going to want to get her ears pierced, but she’s showing no signs at all anytime soon! 

Y’all this dress feels like butter on! It’s that super soft lightweight fleece material on the inside, and it’s so flattering on! Truly the perfect dress up or dress down dress, and is perfect to transition into fall and winter. 

These booties are absolutely STUNNING in person!! The photos online do not do them justice at all! And I currently have them on right now, and they are so comfortable! Fyi make sure you go down half a size because they do run on the big side! I am normally a true 6.5 and I ordered the size 6, and they fit perfect! 
Ahh you guys know by now this is my favorite maxi dress ever, and I am so excited that they came out with the perfect print for fall. This past weekend I wore this dress paired with the cardigan below and these cute low heel booties

This is the perfect sweater for fall, and it comes is lots of colors as well! It’s super lightweight but also really soft and comfortable. As far as sizing goes it runs on the big side, so I would size down one size! 

How pretty is this red for the holidays?!?! It’s another one that comes in a ton of colors, and it’s great for layering, and best part only $22! 

These are the little bows that I use in Reese’s hair. The size is perfect and the quality can not be beat, especially 50 bows for under $10! 

One can never have enough “to do note pads” can they?? I bought this one to keep in our kitchen drawer so that Todd and I both could use this one when things we have to get done pop in our heads! 

Get these get these get these!!! They are the best thing since sliced bread, and I can not recommend them enough! Perfect for meal prep and when you make a big batch of soup or chili to save for another meal!! 
These are the sippy cups/water bottles that we send with Reese to MMO, and they are great! They keep her water cold and they don’t leak in her bag. 
Reese loves this little tooth brush, and she actually uses it and loves brushing her teeth! I am calling this a win, because none of our other babies ever liked us brushing their teeth, nor did they want to do it ha! 

I just ordered this tank in two more colors, it’s seriously that good, and it looks amazing on! 
If your husbands snores like mine does, these will change your life! It did take Todd a night or two of wearing them before he got used to them, but now he says he doesn’t notice them at all! And that 100% do really help!! 

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