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 Okay guys, I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to share my first gift guide of the season!!  I am extra excited about this one, because even though it took a long time to make, I feel like it’s a really good one that covers girls of all ages!  I also made sure to only pick things that I know my girls would actually LOVE and be excited to receive as gifts!  I also have another kids gift guide here on my Amazon site that I will be adding to daily so make sure you check that out as well for more ideas. 

This dollhouse reminds me of the one I used to have when I was younger and let me just tell you…I loved that dollhouse!  I love the fact that the inside is super traditional and this Amazon site has the best Victorian furniture that would go with it so well!!  Also, if you’re looking for a dollhouse on somewhat of a smaller scale, this one is in stock and super super cute!! 

This tea set is seriously the most darling set I’ve ever seen!  It has a perfect 5 star review with over 500 reviews.  I love that it comes in this adorable box with a handle so you can store it when she’s not using it. If you’re looking for a non-porcelain tea set for younger ones, I love this tin one and I think I may get it for Reese! 
These darling rain boots are a great alternative to the much more expensive Hunter boots, and judging by the reviews, they are just as good.  They also come in 14 different colors for boys and girls. 
First off, this baby has the sweetest little face.  I’ve bought this brand before and it’s awesome!  And for $35 you cannot beat the price, especially with all the fun, cute accessories!  We have this sweet high chair (PBK quality) for much cheaper and this doll would fit perfectly in it!! 

I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this brand of bikes.  It comes in three different colors and three different sizes!  I don’t think Reese is ready for a bike yet, but I have my eye on this one for next year.  I also love this one for the older girls! 
Being that I thought we were done have babies, I donated all of Carson and Taylor’s puzzles.  That being said, Miss Reese doesn’t have any:(  She is now getting to the age where I can tell she’s going to really love them and I think this is the perfect set to start her off with! 
I am thinking I may have to buy two of these or else we’re going to have our first real sister fight in our house!  As fort and tent obsessed as Taylor is, I am thinking I may order her this one, which is a little bit bigger and would probably go in our playroom. 

If you’re thinking of getting your little girl (or gifting a little girl a doll stroller), then get this one!!!  We bought Reese one that was a little bit cheaper last year and ended up replacing it with this one, and it was night and day difference!  This thing is so smooth, completely convertible, and it folds up when it’s not in use. 

I mean, is it even Christmas if they don’t receive pop-its of fidgets?!?!  But seriously, I am sure your kid is just as obsessed as mine and all her friends are with these right?!  I thought this was the perfect set with all the popular fidgets for a really really good price. 

How precious are these strawberry pajamas?!  Between these, the gingham print, and the stripes…I’m pretty sure I’m going to have Reese and Taylor covered for winter pjs!  Not only are they a good price, but they come in size 2t all the way up to size 9-10!  You are going to die when you see all the adorable prints for girls and boys! 

I’m not sure who uses our Echo Dot more, myself or Taylor?  And she is forever wanting to take mine outside and listen to her jams while she jumps on the trampoline so I know she’s going to LOVE getting this cool panda Dot for Christmas! 

Run, don’t walk, and grab this one!  I think the pink has sold out completely, and there aren’t many left in the gray or the white either!  This reminds me of the PBK kitchen for a fraction, and I do mean a fraction of the price! 
Taylor has a slight obsession when it comes to art supplies, especially these dual tip markers so I was so excited to find a set that she doesn’t have! 

I know there are so many kits like this floating around Amazon and every toy store, but I really liked the look of this one.  It looks like something the older girls would really enjoy making and something they would actually keep after they made it! 

I knew I needed to cut this gift guide off at some point, and being that I wasn’t able to fit a few more favorites onto it, I decided to include some more awesome girl gifts that I’m loving below!


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