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Have I mentioned I love weekends when we are able to stay home and enjoy home! Well I do, very much so. Friday night Todd and I went on our first date with Carson 🙂 He did really good, he sat in his highchair all by himself and ate his whole jar of baby food! We ate at a place called the Wild Olive a really yummy Italian restaurant in Johns Island. It is one of those hole in the wall places, but so delicious. After dinner, Todd and I put little man to bed and we did the same. Saturday we took our first beach trip with little man YAY!!! He did so good and we were so proud of him. He really liked the water:) We sat in what I like to call the mud puddles most of the time. The mud puddles are these really big holes full of water all over the beach. It is perfect if you have babies or small children. After about 30min though he had enough, it was nap time. We attempted to let him nap in his tent on the beach, but he wasn’t having it ha! After the beach we came home and all of us took a three hour nap. Sunday we went to church, came home ate some lunch and starting prepping the food for a cookout we were having with some of the neighbors. We had a great time, there is nothing better than having good neighbors to hang out with on Sundays!

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  1. KatiePerk says:

    Hey Caycee! We do live in the same place. I was at the Wild Olive not too long ago. It is very yummy!I love your blog layout! I am glad to know there are more Charleston bloggers out there!

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment! You have an adorable family as well. I am actually originally from Charleston, so I am jealous of you being near the beach!


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