Here comes skinny mama (or smaller than Iam now)

Jul 21, 2009




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OK its time……….. to start working out again and loose some weight! I have been saying that I was going to sign up at the gym since Carson was 3months old he is now 6 months you see how well that worked for me ha ha! Well Today I finally got up took a shower and drove my butt to the gym to sign up. I met with Zack my future personal trainer, and went to check out daycare the place my little man will go while I get fit. Iam getting really excited, I know I will fill so much better when I get this weight off. I plan on tracking my journey, so each week on Fridays I will let you know if I have lost or gained or just stayed the same! Wish me luck!!!!!

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  1. Ashley says:

    You are so cute! Thanks for commenting on my page.. I will add you as a friend! 😉 You are adorable and you look skinny too! Way to go to the gym girl, keep it up! Hold me accountable!!! You baby is precious!

  2. Brandi says:

    You look great girl!!! I had my 3rd baby in December so I know what it feels like to lose all the baby weight.. ugh!!! You can do it. I did Weight Watchers and it worked wonders. Good Luck! Oh, your baby is precious

  3. lots of love says:

    I'm totally in the same boat as you & my daughters 21 mos now! haha It's hard to get motivated! I'm sure you'll do much better at the gym than I did!

  4. Jessica says:


    Thanks for visiting my blog today. It sounds like you are on about to embark on an exercise challenge of your own. You are so cute already! And,your little one is so adorable. I'll keep checking in on your progress. Maybe we can hold each other accountable!!


  5. Hi, just stopping by from Kelly's blog. I dread going to the gym! You look great though! Good luck with it!

  6. Lauren says:

    Hi! I just jumped over from Kelly's Corner, and glad I did! I also have a 6 month old, Henry and am trying to lose the baby weight! 🙁 You look adorable! I will have to check in on your posts…I'm also in daily A.M. workout mode! Best wishes!


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