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Aug 13, 2015




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// This summer has been the fastest one yet!  And I am pretty sure I’ve been in denial that school starts this coming Monday for my little man 🙁  We are having a mommy and son date tomorrow!  Our plans are to shop for school supplies and then go see a movie.  I can’t decide between the Minion movie or Inside Out?  Have you guys seen either one?  Was it good? 
// Charleston now has a West Elm you guys!!  I have ordered online from them many times, but this was my first time ever being in an actual store!  I was invited to take a little sneak peek before the grand opening today, and it was so gorgeous inside!! 

I wore this dress to the sneak peek and it was perfect for the morning breeze downtown.  Still hot as all get out around here, but at least there has been a morning and evening breeze! 
// They finally brought this dress back!!!!  I’ve been site stalking Lilly for a few weeks now to see if they were going to re-stock this dress, and even better, they brought it back in this fun new pattern!! 
**This dress runs very big.  I am wearing the xxs and it’s still a looser fit, so size down! 
Available here and here
// The awesome people at Grandinroad emailed me last week saying they remembered how much Carson and Taylor loved Halloween, and to check out their Halloween Haven section!  The kids and I spent almost an hour looking at all the cool spooky decorations.  In the end, we decided on this scene and this scene.  And don’t you know when all those boxes arrived we had to open them!  Then Carson wanted to set it up and spook daddy when he came home from work 🙂  And don’t worry guys, I didn’t leave it up, it’s in the garage waiting until October 😉  Or maybe the end of September if we just can’t wait! 

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  1. The barware in that store is amazing!! Adorable dress (the print one)! I loved Inside Out but I think it had some kind of adult themes, just very deep. If you are looking for a fun night with your little man I'd lean to Minions…

  2. Oh my gosh – that barware is my best!!
    We have seen both movies and they are both cute – the minions was fun but they don't talk and Inside Out is very sweet but the storyline was a little intense for younger kids.

  3. Okay. I see the other girls saying it was intense. It's only intense if you are old enough to know it's intense. My 4 and 7 YO loved it and my 10 yo "got it" so it was great for ALL of us. 🙂

  4. Cara says:

    HELP! I have to go to a baby shower in Texas next month. So not used to the heat and humidity. I live in Colorado so Lilly isn't typically sold here. That dress looks great. You think I could get away wearing it to a non formal baby shower with some nice sandals? Packing a cotton dress to wear in that heat makes me happy.

  5. Liz says:

    Minion movie isn't as funny as Inside Out. They are good for comic relief against Gru, but can't carry a film on their own. Inside Out all the way 🙂

  6. Unknown says:

    Inside Out for sure! We liked it way better than Minions.

  7. You must see Inside Out!! We loved it (Have not seen Minions)

  8. I saw Minions and Inside Out (in the same day, actually!), and I definitely liked Inside Out better. It was such a creative concept and a cute movie. Minions was funny and entertaining at first, and then I totally zoned out during the second half.
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