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Aug 1, 2018




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I cannot believe summer is almost over!! In the nine years I’ve been a mom, this has felt like the fastest summer yet. To be honest, I’m feeling somewhat torn about school starting back. On one hand, I feel excited because I crave structure and routine, but the other side of me loves the laid back, lazy summer days with my kiddos. 
Either way, no matter how I feel or how my kids feel, school is starting soon. I can still remember as a kid, the most exciting thing about school starting back was getting that new pair shoes, the new backpack, and all the cool new school supplies. Clearly, both of my kids feel the same way, because they were thrilled when their new kicks and backpacks arrived from Rack Room Shoes last week!
 I love how I can always find new, affordable / stylish back to school shoes online and in store at Rack Room Shoes!
And just in case you are wondering what my kids are doing in these photos, Taylor was “flossing” and Carson was doing “the hype” dance when I snapped these pictures. Is Fortnite taking over the world or is this only going on in my house…haha!  
Don’t let this picture fool you, they actually love each other (most of the time). 
On school days, Todd and I have a pretty good routine going in the mornings. I get the kids ready for school and pack lunches, while Todd drops them off on the way to his office. 

Peanut butter sandwichs, grapes, Goldfish, and yogurt were on repeat quite often for lunches last      year, and I have a feeling it will be the same again this year!

And Carson and Taylor weren’t the only ones to get new shoes, Rack Room was nice enough to let Todd and I pick out a new pair for ourselves as well! I am loving the comfort and neutral color of my new Nike Tanjuns. Similar shoes here. 

It melts my heart to watch these three together, and I love that Carson still isn’t too cool to hold dad’s hand. 

Carson’s Backpack // Polo Shirt // Shorts (on sale) // Shoes

“May Your Dreams Defy The Law Of Gravity” – H Jackson Brown Jr.
And last, I wanted to mention that Rack Room Shoes is hosting an online contest to find the nation’s Real Teacher of the Year!!
Parents are encouraged to submit a video or photo along with a short paragraph on why they think a teacher is deserving of the award – and encouraged a child/student to embrace Rack Room Shoe’s Back To School campaign message: Be You. 

Also, during BTS, Rack Room Shoes hosts a fundraiser for it’s annual Shoes That Fit campaign. Through a partnership with national non-profit, Shoes That Fit, Rack Room Shoes has provided more than 250,000 pairs of shoes to children in need. All funds collected in stores and online remain local, benefiting children in communities where Rack Room Shoes stores are located. The company provides a corporate match for all donations up to $300,000. 

Both of these campaigns are really awesome and it makes me so happy to partner with companies that give back, especially when it’s for teachers and children in need! 

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