Daddy is gone to Vegas

Jul 10, 2009




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We just dropped daddy off at the airport:( I haven’t really thought about him leaving all week, it didn’t really hit me until he got out of the car to say goodbye! I know that Iam being a little dramatic, he is only going for 3 nights. But let me fill you in. In the almost 5 years that Todd and I have been together, we may have spent 5 nights total away from each other! I know I know we need that time apart. Tt is just hard for us what can I say I like my husband and I like to hang out with him:)Remember we do spend all day 24-7 together!(he works from home). Anyways Daddy we hope that you have an awesome time and cant wait for you to come home! O yeah he did have these really sweet cards for me and Carson before he left and I read them in the car before I left the parking lot at the airport!(yes Carson and I cried almost the whole way home).

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