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Jan 8, 2013




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So this year I will not be throwing Carson a birthday party….gasp! Are you thinking poor little guy? Well think again we are going to DISNEY!!! Not sure who’s more excited Todd and I or Carson! Either way we are all ecstatic! Any thing you mamas got for me I must know or must do at Disney? We are kinda like Disney virgins I have not been in 21 years and Todd in like 28 years!(now I feel old).
Taylors Portrait. I need some help! I can not decide what to do? Here is the predicament. One is vertical which is what I need as far as hanging purposes, and the other is horizontal?
Here is a picture of Carsons to remind you.
Now the two of Taylor…..
This one would have to be horizontal (which I am sure I could make work somewhere)?
Or do I go vertical and do this one?
(I think I would keep the frame the same either way).

Thanks in advance for your help!!!

PS I hope I didn’t offend any of you by calling assholes /beauties yesterday, you know I have nothing but love for you all!! 

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  1. Those portraits are absolutely gorgeous. Who took them? Yay for Disney!!!

  2. I say do the vertical one so you can hang them together. I really like the horizontal picture better but I think for what you want to do you need the two verticals. Both pictures are sweet of Miss Tay!

  3. Kara says:

    Caycee, We are Disney lovers so call or email me at kara.morris10@comcast.net if you'd like some pointers and ideas!

  4. she is darling.. have fun in Disney..asshole beauty!! LOL!

  5. Dina says:

    Disney-definitely have Todd run around and collect fast passes so you have a time to get on each ride, and bring a stroller for both kids/or double because it's a ton of walking, also if you stay on property there are certain days where you can get into the park at the crack of dawn and it's so worth it to get there and get things done before the crowds! I'd also make dinner reservations for each night, and go to The Boardwalk one night, Carson will really enjoy it! We just learned all this last summer when we went for the first time in years and a first for my hubs bc he's not American. And for the pics, I'd move Carsons over and do 2 smaller ones to the right of miss Taylor, vertical over horizontal. It's less predictable!

  6. I think horizontal and vertical somehow – it's so neat how they have the same photo on the same trunk. So special and sweet.

    Maybe you could do Carson's vertical on one side, and the horizontal centered to it on the other side. Or one on top of the other like another commenter said.

    Is there anything you could hang above Taylors picture to even it out – like a dried flower from a baptism or something else sentimental that could be hung horizontally above or below Taylor's picture to even it up with the vertical portrait?

    Another option: Talk to your photographer and have them create a vertical version of the photo – they can crop the photo and then photoshop the top to match the background. Should be a fairly easy process.

    Just thinking out loud. 🙂 Both photos are beautiful, so you can't go wrong either way.

  7. Unknown says:

    When are you going? My family is going June 7-14 this year…we will also hit up LegoLand while there. We went in 2010 when my son was 4 and my 2yo was 5 months along in my belly (needless to say I was hot, tired and didn't get to go on the cool rides.) I recommend Blizzard Beach – that's the waterpark Disney has..it is AWESOME. The kids will love it. Great area for the really little ones. You'll have no trouble finding things to do. Have fun! xoxo http://www.styleoyster.blogspot.com

  8. Unknown says:

    Both portraits are stunning, but I say go for the horizontal one to mix it up! What a wonderful idea to have her portrait with the same trunk that you had in Carson's!!

  9. Virginia says:

    I would get the vertical one and hang Taylor and Carson's next to each other. Y'all are going to Disney!! Assholes!! 😉 have a great day pretty mama!!

  10. MRD says:

    We just got back from disneyland, my #1 tip- have your kids wear personalized shirts with their names on them. The characters greeted my girls by their names, and they were floored the princesses knew their names! My kids never figured out they were just reading their shirts 🙂 it was all so magical! Also, have game plan for which rides you want to hit. Download Disney park apps- with maps and wait times for rides. Have so much fun!!!

  11. Nicole-Lynn says:

    I like the horizontal one! They are both so precious, though!

  12. Brandi says:

    I love both pics!! U need both!!


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