Fall Beauty Essentials – Thicker Hair and Fuller Lashes

Oct 19, 2018




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I’m not sure I know many women who don’t wish they had hair that was a little thicker and eyelashes that were a little longer and fuller.  That being said, if you have amazing, super thick hair along with killer eyelashes then this post isn’t for you and we probably can’t be friends anymore 😉 
(Click the image to shop any of the products in the picture) 

True story, all my life I’ve had super thick hair.  I mean, it was never good thick hair, it was actually a frizzy/curly hot mess, but man was it thick.  And just like us women always do, I wished so badly that my hair would just be a little thinner and easier to manage.

Well, fast forward ten years later and I got my wish alright…I now have super thin hair, accompanied with the joy of it still being curly and frizzy!  So with lots of trail and error, I’ve finally found a few products that are must haves for my hair.

This  shampoo and this conditioner are my current favorites, but this thick dry finishing spray takes the cake, as far as what I feel really makes the difference in giving my hair a thicker look and feel. One of the biggest reasons I like this one more than any of the thickening sprays I’ve tried is that it’s not sticky and it’s also not so heavy (like hairspray) that you hair doesn’t move and bounce naturally. 

Next up on my fall beauty essentials, lets talk eye makeup and lashes. For some reason, I never feel the need to ‘dress up’ or focus on my eyes as much during the summer.  Between the beach, the pool, and the hot summer sun, I know there’s not much point.  But when the cool air comes in, and my golden tan fades away (womp womp), I always feel like my eyes need a little more love and attention. 
Below are my FAVORITE eye products for every season, but I just tend to use them more in the fall and winter.  This concealer put on right, along with this eye perfecting fluid will rock your world. Dark circles and puffiness are gone, and with this concealer (which this is the only one I’ve found yet) you don’t have to worry about under eye creasing!!

This eyeshadow pallet is gorgeous and with it’s variety of shades and colors you can create so many different looks.  It also comes with a primer, which I highly recommend using before you apply any of the shadow.  From this pallet, I love this look (tutorial on youtube here), minus her extra use of glitter.  This is what I have on my eyes in the photos. 

(Click the image to shop any of the products in the picture)

Along with a good concealer and eyeshadow pallet, the next thing that’s going to take your eyes to the next level is this eyeliner and Mac false eyelashes.  If you missed my Instastories talking about my Mac false lashes and how much I love them (and how user friendly they are), you can click here to watch them.  And because I am no beauty YouTuber, I highly recommend this short video created by Mac and Nordstrom on how to apply them.  This is actually the one I watched that taught me how to use them.  
I have on number 32 below, which are the most natural and least dramatic of all of their false lashes. For more dramatic eyelashes, but still not over the top, I love number 33 and number 4.  You have to purchase this glue to apply them.  It’s so easy to apply, doesn’t damage your natural lashes at all, and makes removing them effortless. 
And I almost forgot, if you’re looking for a good fall lip color, this lipstick is my favorite (color crushed) with this gloss (color let me shine) applied over it.  And this lipgloss is one that looks incredible over any lip color and can be mixed to tone down any color that is too dark or rich on your lips. 
Okay, so that about does it for now on my fall beauty ‘must have’ essentials!  And like always, I was able to find all these amazing hair and beauty products through Nordstrom, along with my stretchy leggings and comfy swing top. 
 High/Low Swing Top (wearing size small) // Leggings (wearing the xs petite) // Leopard Mules Last Year but Similar Here and Here 

Pictures By Todd Hewitt (The most patient husband ever) 
* Thank you to Nordstrom for partnering on this post. 

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