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Sep 6, 2013




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1) My babies started school this week. It’s been good, real good. We were all ready for a little structure. They both love it, and we have been tear free at drop off! 

2) Going back to the gym! This summer was such a struggle for me to make it. I pretty much only went twice a week to train. Now that Taylor and Carson are in school every morning I can really focus on working out again. To get me more motivated I ordered these . It always makes running more fun with new kicks right? 
3) Having a babysitter lined up for Saturday night! I am not exactly sure what our plans are yet, but I know we have childcare!! I am sure we will go somewhere to watch the game and partake in some cocktails 😉 I am really craving a Jalapeno Margarita!!
4) These healthy cute Halloween treats! Carson is all about Halloween this year, and I am thinking these could help me to get him to eat some fruit 🙂 

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  1. megan says:

    Love your top in that picture with Carson and Taylor. We'll be watching the game and partying it up in your neighborhood tomorrow! We'll be on Conservancy, feel free to stop by! 🙂

  2. I love those halloween treats totally making those for Sterling!

  3. Love that quote!! I also would like to make some healthy Halloween treats this year!!

  4. KatiePerk says:

    It is restaurant week if you want to check those specials out. Have a spectacular evening!

  5. Happy free mornings!!! Love your top!

  6. I just tried a jalapeño margarita the other day for the first time – so good!

  7. Aww what a beautiful pic of you and your sweet babies. Glad they are adjusting well to school now. Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Tess says:

    I am borderline obsessed with jalapeno margaritas. I like to muddle 1/2 of one and add the "juice" too.

    However, word to the wise – after like 4 or 5, your tongue will burn for days!

  9. I hear ya with tennis show motivation! Just started back up hitting the gym hard and of course I had to get new kicks, pants and tops!

  10. OK, first off you are so beautiful! And your children are just a cute, too. Secondly, you are SO right, new kicks give you that boost of motivation you need for the gym! I just bought new pairs of gym shoes myself. Third, a jalapeno drink?!?!!? What in the world LOL. That's awesome you have a babysitter, go enjoy those cocktails, mama!

    PS: First time coming by, love your blog. Totally have to follow. xo

  11. Those little Halloween foods are adorable!

  12. I love that quote and I love the outfit you wore for your children's 1st day of school!

  13. Sarah says:

    Oh my goodness, the banana ghosts are so precious!

  14. Nat says:

    That jalapeno margarita sounds delicious!! Love those new shoes!

  15. Jalapeño Margarita, sign me up! Love your new kicks!

  16. Love the healthy Halloween food options.

    And your new kicks are so cute!

  17. Anonymous says:

    The Halloween treats are adorable and healthy, and that's always a nice change. And new running shoes are vital when you need to start working out again!




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